Featured SNA Garage Sale 2020

Sunnyside Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale 2020: Sign Up Now!

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is sponsoring the 2020 Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale. All Sunnyside residents are welcome to participate. Sign up now!

DATE: Saturday Sept 26, 2020

TIME: 9 AM to 2 PM.

WHERE: All over Sunnyside.

SIGN UP: https://forms.gle/WDYxoSGjhy2BEz8DA 

Participants who sign up will be included in our exclusive GUIDE MAP, which will be published the morning of the event online. This is how shoppers will know how to find you, and what items you are featuring. We will even include your photos in the map, if you submit them using the form (5 MB max, gmail account users only).

This community event is a long-running SNA tradition. Previous SNA Garage Sales have featured a large number of participating households and a huge variety of items, and this year, when people have had time at home to sort through belongings, promises to be just as good.


Community Connectors leading light Patti Spaniak-Davidson featured in SF Examiner

Read a recently published piece about Community Living Campaign director Patti Spaniak-Davidson in Denise Sullivan’s SF Lives Examiner column here: https://www.sfexaminer.com/news-columnists/patti-spaniak-davidsons-beautiful-days-in-the-neighborhood/

Read about how she came to San Francisco, and her heartfelt goals in leading the exemplary senior program, which includes Sunnyside Community Connectors. Patti has worked hard to keep seniors connected in this extraordinarily difficult era, and she well deserves this public recognition.

Aug 18: Resilient Sunnyside meeting – share your stories

You are invited to join SF Community Living Campaign and SNA for a special meeting “Resilient Sunnyside” on Tuesday August 18th, 3:30-4:30 PM via Zoom. Meeting outline at the end of this post. Read more about resilient neighborhoods here. 

From Community Living Campaign:

This is our fourth in a series and has been an important opportunity to exchange stories of hope, compassion, and joy about your neighbors during this pandemic.

The focus of the conversation is to hear stories about what is resonating and happening day-to-day with folks of how to stay safe and connected in the midst of Covid-19 while living sheltered in place. I will start off with your personal history with your neighborhood, and how your program has mobilized to meet the needs of your neighbors. I plan to then ask you to share an inspiring story about this unprecedented time in your neighborhoods. We will have time for Q&A as well.

Meeting outline found below. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/86567474200 for the Roundtable. If you have a question or idea that I should include in this conversation, let me know. Please promote this virtual conversation with your network of neighbors, friends, family, community groups and elected officials.

Be well, safe & sane,

Sherri Hayes Sawyer
Vision and Hearing Accessibility Manager
Francis Goldsmith Vision & Hearing Initiative
(Email) sherri@sfcommunityliving.org (Phone)  (415) 821-1003 ext. 11

Community Living Campaign (CLC)
Cultivating connections to help seniors and people with disabilities age and thrive at home.
Website: https://www.sfcommunityliving.org/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CommunityLivingCampaign

Meeting Outline for the Resilient Neighborhood- Part 4 – Sunnyside & METCC

Welcome – Lorraine

Zoom House Rules – Lorraine

Introduce Round Table Community Connector Participants -Sherri

Tell us about your personal & professional background?

  • How long have you been active in your community? Why did you get involved with your neighborhood?
  • Tell us about the history of your neighborhood association and why the need for programs for older adults?
  • Briefly describe who your residents are by age range, ethnicity & languages.

Describe how the Neighborhood Association and the Community Connector program complements each other? (i.e. events, community meetings, etc.)

What things are making a difference in your neighborhood while many residents are still stuck at home in order to meet the needs of your seniors/ and/or persons with disabilities around social isolation, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter movement, 2020 census and rapidly approaching elections?

How have you and your team mobilized to address the fear & uncertainty of being sheltered in place with no end in sight?

Why is important to invest resources to build/grow resilient neighborhoods, especially for our seniors and people with disabilities?

Q&A Time – Sherri