Participatory Budgeting 2019: The Detroit Steps

The 2019 Participatory Budgeting ballot will include several Sunnyside-based projects. One is aimed at beginning the process of beautifying the local stairways called the Detroit Steps (Detroit St between Hearst and Joost).  Voting will be open April 1-14, 2019 and take place both online and in person.

Preparing Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for Landscaping and Art

A proposal to fund repairs of the concrete structure, clearing overgrown and address water drainage issues on the Lower and Upper Detroit Steps, as a community-led effort gathers into planning landscape and artwork for future beautification project

VOTE & MAKE SUNNYSIDE SHINE — Voting is open April 1-14, 2019 

To learn more about RE-IMAGINING the Detroit Steps as a lovely pedestrian route, a jogger paradise, or a peaceful haven, visit: https://sunnysideassociation.wordpress.com/detroit-steps/  

Or contact: Rosaura Valle / rpcvalle@gmail.com

Trash-talk: ‘Better at the Bin’ program sorts it out

Confused about what goes in which bin? Try this app to find out: https://www.recology.com/recology-san-francisco/what-bin/

Recology has a three-minute video that gives you the basic knowledge to get your trash into the right bin and helps you create less to start with. See also https://www.recology.com/better-at-the-bin/

Some points:

  • SF now has to send your recyclables halfway around the world for processing, so its  better to create less in the first place.
  • Paper is valuable for recycling, but not if it’s soaked with soda (or anything else) — empty and/or rinse your recyclables before putting them into the BLUE BIN. A half-can of soda can ruin a whole bin of paper recyclables.
  • Composting is good for the environment. Put your food-stained paper items, along with food scraps, coffee grounds and pizza boxes, in the GREEN BIN.
  • Cut the amount of plastic you produce by refusing single-use plastics — use a metal water bottle, cloth shopping bags, and reusable sandwich containers.

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From SFPUC: What is CleanPowerSF?

From San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), information below about the program called CleanPowerSF, available next month. A representative from the program will be present at the SNA Quarterly Meeting on Monday May 6th (7-8:30pm, location TBD).

Cleaner Energy is Coming to San Francisco Residents

Cleaner energy from your City power provider is coming to San Francisco residents this spring! Starting in April, residential electricity customers in San Francisco will be welcomed into CleanPowerSF, the community choice clean energy program operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Customers also have the option of opting up to 100% renewable energy for just a few dollars more per month, or opting out of the program and staying with PG&E. Learn more at www.cleanpowersf.org.

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One Stop Sign Proposed for Judson at Frida Kahlo

An item on the SFMTA board of directors meeting agenda for March 19: “ESTABLISH – STOP SIGN – Judson Avenue, eastbound, at Frida Kahlo Way”. Read the full agenda here.

This dangerous intersection was recently brought to the attention of the SFMTA by one Sunnyside resident, through SNA, and MTA responded promptly that they would address the situation.

This one stop sign will be placed where the 500 Block of Judson meets Frida Kahlo. This however does not address the safety issue at the main intersection, where there are no stop signs or crosswalks to allow pedestrians to safely cross fast automobile traffic on either Frida Kahlo Way or Judson Ave.  City College is on one side and Archbishop Riordan High School on the other.

Proposed placement of stop sign, Judson Ave and Frida Kahlo Way.

More speed humps for Joost planned

The Mar 22, 2019 meeting of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) includes speed humps for Joost Ave between Edna and Detroit on the agenda. View SFMTA meeting agenda here. 

Last month, humps were installed on another block of Joost, between Congo and Baden.

Two speed humps installed in February 2019. Joost Avenue between Congo and Baden near Joost-Baden Mini-Park. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association