Safeway leak being repaired today

The Safeway store at 625 Monterey Blvd has been experiencing leaks through the ceiling, as many shoppers have seen. A visitor to the store talked today with a worker with the waterproofing company that has come to fix the problem. Apparently it is a mere work of hours and should be finished today–at least the worst leaks. Fixing the problem at its root would mean repaving the entire parking lot.

The area on the rooftop parking lot to be repaired today.
The area on the rooftop parking lot to be repaired today.

The source of the leaks is the parking lot itself, which sits atop the store. There is insufficient barrier under it and the water seeps through the paved surface.

The workers will punch a grid of holes in the paved surface and inject a waterproofing material in the area marked by cones in the photo above.



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