Time to join SNA? We need your support

Hundreds of people follow this website and enjoy the local information and links provided here and on our Twitter feed (@Sunnyside_Assoc).

However, many are not yet members of Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

We need more than your clicks — we need your support! SNA depends on individual memberships to support us. The modest twenty-dollar annual membership fee helps cover our costs — to rent space for our quarterly meetings, to publish our newsletter Sunnyside News, and pay for the website and other fees. The next quarterly meeting is Monday Aug 7 at St Finn Barr Auditorium.

By joining you can show support for an invaluable community group that makes possible neighborhood organization and gives voice to local concerns in the face of city development.

We welcome your ideas and your involvement — that’s how local change happens. In turn you receive the newsletter, special emails notices, the ability to vote in our elections, and the knowledge you support an important 43-year-old Sunnyside tradition.


Please join Sunnyside Neighborhood Association. 

Annual dues: Residences $20 (includes all members of household). Businesses $25

Your donation to Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is tax deductible.

Please include name, address, phone number and email address. Members receive the Sunnyside News, our quarterly newsletter, as well as advance notice of membership meetings and special events, and periodic email updates. Membership fees help support this website, and pay for meeting hall fees and supplies, insurance, and other expenses.

Thank you for your support.

To join by mail, click here.

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