SNA Elections coming in February


As per our Bylaws, Sunnyside Neighborhood Association will be holding its biennial elections at our next quarterly meeting, on Monday Feb 5, 2018 (7pm). Any Sunnyside resident who is an active member of SNA is eligible to hold a board position. See below for an excerpt from the Bylaws which define the five board positions.

If you are a Sunnyside resident who is interested in serving on the board, please contact SNA ( or simply come to the Feb 5 meeting. As per the Bylaws, nominations and voting take place in person without provision for proxies or paper ballots.

We also always welcome any member’s participation in any area you’d like to work on that benefits our community. We have several open project aims, such as artwork for the lower Detroit Steps, or a mini-park for the sewer lots between Mangels and Joost – but these projects languish without volunteer leadership. Please contact the board if you would like to chair a committee or volunteer:

In addition, all local residents are invited to be part of the ongoing Balboa Reservoir community input process (more here). 

[From SNA Bylaws]
ARTICLE IV (Duties of Elected Officials)

Section 1 – President
Shall preside at all meetings of the Association. Shall schedule Executive Board meetings as required in Article IV, Section 6. Shall call additional Board meetings as necessary. Shall appoint all committee chairs, unless directed otherwise by the membership. Shall see that all State and Federal legal requirements, for the organization, are fulfilled. Shall, in conjunction with the Treasurer, sign all checks for payment of bills in excess of $500. Shall have the Association represented wherever and whenever necessary.

Section 2 – Vice-President
Shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence. Shall act as a liaison between committee chairs and the Board and shall report on committee activities at Board meetings.

Section 3 – Secretary
Shall keep and distribute a permanent and accurate record of proceedings of the general membership and Executive Board meetings.

Section 4 – Treasurer
Shall collect and receipt for all funds due to the Association. Shall keep a set of books of the simplest form to record receipts and expenditures of the Association. Shall pay bills only by bank check. Shall pay bills. Bills for newsletter printing and mailing costs, and meeting notice printing and mailing costs, are considered routine and do not require approval before payment. Such other routine expenditures as defined by the Executive Board do not require approval before payment. Other expenditures in excess of $500 shall be paid when such bills have been approved by a majority vote of the members present at a meeting, or by a majority of the Executive Board. Shall deposit all monies in a San Francisco bank, as designated by the Executive Board, in the name of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association. Shall have all checks drawn in excess of $500 countersigned by the President. Shall render a report of the financial standing of the Association and of the funds expended and received at Board and membership meetings. Shall make books open for inspection by the Audit Committee. Shall submit such records or audits as are required by the Federal and State authorities.

Section 5 – Member-at-Large shall act as Parliamentarian.


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