Update from SFMTA on the Sunnyside Pedestrian Safety money

From Philip Louie, Associate Engineer, SFMTA, regarding the Sunnyside Pedestrian Safety Proposal funds ($120,000) allocated during 2017 Participatory Budgeting. Read about the Proposal here.

“Below is a breakdown of the requests in the Participatory Budget application. Some of these still need to be reviewed to ensure they meet our feasibility standards. The timeline for these measures is that they will all be complete by July of this year unless otherwise noted; as more specific timelines are figured out we can plan to let the group know. The measures include:

1. Speed Radar Feedback signs – already met with you to determine location and continuing to move forward on this

o At Monterey and Acadia, for westbound traffic

2.  Speed humps at various locations – we are awaiting speed data to determine eligibility. For the locations that qualify, we will send a ballot to residents of that street. The humps that are approved should be constructed in the summer/fall, dependent on workload for the construction crews. The locations are:

o Joost from Baden – Congo

o Mangels: Baden to Nordoff and Nordoff to Congo

o Congo between Mangels and Stillings

o Melrose between Mangels and Gennessee

3.  Pedestrian safety improvements on several streets will include new high visibility crosswalks,   “daylighting” (pulling parked cars away from crosswalk to improve sight lines) and “advanced limit lines” (reminding cars not to block crosswalks at stop signs)

o Monterey between Plymouth and Acadia

o Hearst between Gennessee and Circular (focus near Sunnyside Elementary and St Finn Barr schools)

o Congo between Bosworth and Circular

4.  Review locations for whether they qualify for stop signs

o Hearst and Congo (Note: unlikely as did not qualify two years ago)

o Hearst and Gennessee (Note: unlikely as did not qualify two years ago)

o Congo and Mangels

5. Review Congo for conversion to 15 mph street

6.  Review Judson and Foerster for potential safety redesign; we will share potential changes before moving forward with recommendation.

“Note that a part of your application included a request to convert Congo to a one way street; as we have previously shared with the supervisor, this would need a petition from residents before we would consider it; the form is attached.”
Philip Louie, P.E.
Associate Engineer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Email: philip.louie@sfmta.com
Phone: 415.701.4464

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