SFMTA: Further upgrades for pedestrian safety on Sunnyside streets

From SFMTA, an update about the work they are doing regarding pedestrian safety upgrades on Sunnyside streets. Read the previous update from SFMTA here.

From SFMTA Engineer Philip Louie:

We have been working on the list of Sunnyside area traffic and safety improvements that were listed in the participatory budget application. As part of the safety improvements, we recommend “daylighting” the intersections which pulls back parked vehicles from the intersection by installing a short red zone between the stop line and parked car. This increases the visibility of pedestrians for drivers as they approach the intersection. This can affect parking in the area, and the streets you requested increased safety on are no different.

We are now presenting you with our recommended places where additional daylighting would be beneficial to increasing safety. Most of the red zones will be pushing the cars back from the intersection to increase visibility. For example, on Monterey, we recommend extending the red zones between the yield triangles and the crosswalk at Colon, Valdez and Hazelwood in the westbound direction. This will be an additional 15 feet of red zone which is less than the length of a parking space. However, there are several parking spaces that we recommend removing: three on Hearst, two on Congo, five on Monterey.   

  • At Monterey and Edna, we recommend removing parking on the north side between the crosswalks and the approach. There would be no parking allowed in front of 494, 496, 498 Monterey.
  • On Hearst, we recommend removing parking on the westbound approach at Edna and Detroit Streets. We also recommend removing the parking around the curve going eastbound approaching Circular.
  • On Congo and Stillings Streets, we recommend a short 10’ red zone on the northbound and eastbound approaches to the intersection.

We know parking loss is an issue in the area, so we would like to get your input on the this proposal. [To provide feedback, see email address at this end of this post.]

Some other updates on requests in your application:

  • We do not recommend speed humps on Congo Street between Monterey and Stillings as it does not meet our speed hump guidelines. We also do not recommend 15mph signs as it does not meet the criteria for a 15mph street.
  • We are still reviewing the STOP sign requests at Congo/Hearst, Gennessee/Hearst, and Congo/Mangels.
  • The SFPUC is currently reviewing our application to install a speed radar sign on Monterey west of Acadia. I will ask them for an update this week.


Philip Louie, P.E.
Associate Engineer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103
Email: philip.louie@sfmta.com
Phone: 415.701.4464
Find us on: Facebook Twitter YouTube

2 thoughts on “SFMTA: Further upgrades for pedestrian safety on Sunnyside streets

  1. Leonard Jordan

    I would also recommend removing parking currently allowed in front of the MUNI bus stop and shelter at the southwest corner of Baden and Monterey. In order to access the bus you have to step down into the sloping crosswalk, The bus then blocks the visibility of the stop sign for traffic going east on Monterey,
    a hazard for people crossing at that intersection. i have expressed concerns with the city about this intersection to no avail.

  2. I have been asking for daylighting at Monterey and Edna for years. Kids from Sunnyside Elementary and St. Finn Barr cross there. Their lives are more important than a parking space.

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