Traffic Calming for your block

From Supervisor Yee’s Office and SFMTA.

Speed hump and zebra crosswalk. Photo: SFMTA

SFMTA’s Residential Traffic Calming Program is a resident-directed, annual application-based program to address mid-block speeding on residential streets in San Francisco, and we are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 program.

The deadline for submitting completed applications and petitions for the 2018-2019 traffic calming program is June 30, 2018.   


If you feel that speeding is a concern on your residential streets, the SFMTA encourages you to apply to the city’s Traffic Calming Program. An application will need to be submitted – available inEnglishSpanish, and Chinese – with a petition signed by at least 20 neighbors from separate households on their street to get the process started. (If there are fewer than 40 addresses on their block, you will need to obtain signatures from half of them).

You may also download and hand out this brochure to your neighbors or point them towards the Residential Traffic Calming Program website at to gain a better understanding of what traffic calming is and isn’t along with information about eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria, and other frequently asked questions.

Email with any questions or concerns!

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