Jul 21: Sunnyside garden bazaar event

The Hartsough family at 258 Monterey Blvd, next to the Sunnyside Conservatory, are holding the 4th Annual Garden Bazaar on July 21st, 11am – 3pm. Meet your neighbors — buy local crafts or local honey — try new foods — trade your backyard produce — make new friends.

Fourth Annual Garden Bazaar!!

In just over three weeks, the Garden will be transformed into a bazaar full of revelers, buyers, sellers, and traders. All will be friends and neighbors who’ve come to enjoy good company and see what interesting things people right next door are creating in their homes.

Please come and spend part of your day with us. You will be treated with performances, interesting food samples, face painting, and the opportunity to go home with something truly unique. Can’t get this stuff on Amazon!

If you have something growing in your garden (I still have room for a couple more crafters), you are welcome to bring it and possibly trade with some of the vendors. Got backyard chickens? A lemon tree? I would gladly trade some honey for eggs or lemons.

Mark your calendar for July 21st so you don’t miss the fun! Please add a photo of your own of what can be found at your table and spread the word!

Stay sweet!

Fourth Annual Garden Bazaar
The Garden @258 Monterey Blvd
July 21st, 11am – 3pm

2 thoughts on “Jul 21: Sunnyside garden bazaar event

  1. Susan Wong

    Will Sunnyside Neighborhood have a community garage sale this year? I was told by my neighbor that event would be at the end of this August.

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