A Sunnyside good neighbor

Sunnyside resident and SNA member Eileen Shields has been quietly tending a portion of the Circular Ave Ribbon Garden for years — picking up litter and clipping back bushes. A passerby talked to her today as she worked on the long narrow strip of greenery next to fast-moving traffic.

Eileen_Shields_2018_08_16.jpgShe’s been doing this work for years, since a local effort by neighbors established the garden in 2011, running between Circular Ave and the freeway. It used to be a dumping ground and an eyesore. Thank you, Eileen, for helping to keep it in good shape.

Here is a photo from the opening ceremony for the Ribbon Garden in 2011.

The 2011 opening ceremony for the Circular Ribbon Garden, with Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Scott Wiener in attendance, along with local residents who helped make it happen, including Pat Moore, Ming Louie, Bob Abra, and many others.

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