‘Undiscovered Country’ at Sunnyside Conservatory

At the Sunnyside Conservatory, now through May 19: ‘Undiscovered Country’ performed by We Players — ‘A neo-western love story derived from Shakespeare’s hamlet.’ Adapted and Directed By Ava Roy in Collaboration with Nick Medina with Hunter Scott MacNair, Chris Steele, and Ava Roy Read more here. From the We Players website: 

Cowboy outlaws Jack and Horace rob stagecoaches by day and recite Shakespeare by night. Jack is obsessed with cracking Hamlet’s nutshell, and Horace will play any part to satisfy his eccentric leader. But Jack finds a new Shakespearean confidant in Aurelia, a rich widow with Jack’s passion for the Bard. As the three lonely westerners sink into an unlikely love triangle, Jack sees a Ghost. Is it real? Or is it Jack’s madness that tempts him into the Undiscovered Country?

Buy tickets: http://www.weplayers.org/undiscovered-country-2019

From http://WePlayers.org

From an SF Examiner review:

Across-the-board strong acting aside, there’s a dizzying array of finely wrought production elements. Among them are the exquisite costumes (by Brooke Jennings), so period-perfect that a “historic weapon and leather consultant” (JD Durst) is credited in the program. Revolvers, Bowie knife, silver flasks, chaps, holsters, hats, harmonica, boots, petticoats — the attention to details of costumes, props and set design is impressive.

Read SF Examiner review: https://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/undiscovered-country-a-shakespeare-wild-west-mashup/

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