I-280 Freeway meets Sunnyside: Have your say about conditions

Running all along Sunnyside’s southeastern edge is the Interstate 280 freeway, a part of the neighborhood environment at many points since the freeway was built in 1964. Now CalTrans, the state highway agency, is offering the public an opportunity to tell them about situations in San Francisco where pedestrians interact with freeway infrastructure and conditions are unsafe or inhospitable.

Where is it unsafe? What is your experience? Submit your story here: https://streetstory.berkeley.edu/

Read more about the program: https://www.sfcta.org/blogs/help-make-some-san-franciscos-busiest-streets-safer-pedestrians


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Related: CalTrans and the recent state bill effort to improve ped and bike safety SF Chroncile, ‘Caltrans seeks to steamroll bill to include bike lanes, crosswalks in road projects’ https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Caltrans-seeks-to-steamroll-bill-to-include-bike-14371988.php

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