Detroit Steps Project announces landscape design winner

For more information about the Detroit Steps Project, visit this overview page. 

Detroit Steps Project Selects Landscape Design Winner

Ideas on what to plant along Detroit Steps blossom!

Three final drawings from Thomas Wang’s Landscape Design class at City College of San Francisco were showcased at the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting on February 3rd. It was a long time in the making to finalize the top three drawings.

In October, armed with pencils, smartphones, clipboards and creativity, Mr. Wang’s students visited the Detroit Steps to learn about the vacant and recently cleaned space located midway along the upper steps. They listened to Detroit Step Project (DSP) members’ hopes and each sketched designs proposing how to use the space. Ideas ranged from a “Mushroom Village” to “Sun & Moon,” with many clever and imaginative designs.

The DSP steering committee reviewed 16 and voted on the top 3 drawings at their monthly meeting in January. Each finalist was notified and given feedback. Their final renderings were selected through an online poll, shared with over 60 people, in addition to the DSP steering committee. Josie Li’s design received the most votes. Jennifer Tate took 2nd place, and Bayley McMillan came in 3rd. Bayley and Jennifer were each awarded a $75 gift certificate to Blick Art. Josie will be invited back to oversee the implementation of her drawing as well as receive a $100 coupon for a Blurb photo book. In gratitude for their contributions, a plaque will be dedicated at the site when the landscape is finished, to be inscribed: “Thomas Wang and the CCSF Landscape Design Class – Fall 2019”

Winning design by Josie Li of Thomas Wang's Landscape Design class at City College of San Francisco.
Winning design for Upper Steps by Josie Li of Thomas Wang’s Landscape Design class at City College of San Francisco.

The DSP plans to implement the winning landscape design after a water meter is installed by the City using previously awarded Participatory Budget funds. Additional funding will need to be raised to complete this phase of the project.

A link to all the drawings, with feedback can be found here: #9 was the winner, #4 coming in second and the last drawing shown taking third place.

More information on the Detroit Steps can be found online here: and a video compilation here: 

About Detroit Steps Project 

Detroit Steps Project (DSP) was established in December 2018 by local residents with a desire to beautify the upper and lower Detroit Steps through weeding, planting, landscaping and tiling. 

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