District 7 Call for Volunteers

From the office of District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee:

District 7 Call for Volunteers: Senior Outreach Society (SOS)

Interested in lending a hand, and joining an easy and safe effort to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic?

Join the District 7 Senior Outreach Society (“SOS”) Team!

As a Senior Outreach Society or SOS team member, you will call seniors in our district and see if they are safe and doing well sheltering at home.

Some folks might have a need for help and you’ll be able to connect them with the aid that they need, such as medication deliveries. Other folks who have been sheltering in place just need to hear and speak to a friendly neighbor.

It’s easy to volunteer and we are holding free trainings and on-going support! We will get through this together and you can make this time easier for a lot of folks by volunteering your time and friendly voice.

To sign up as a volunteer: https://forms.gle/61zd1zgwGwTQN1NAA 

Questions? Contact Erica.Maybaum@sfgov.org


One thought on “District 7 Call for Volunteers

  1. Richard G.

    Is this effort being run by SF’s Dept of Aging & Adult Services (DAAS)? Appears not to be, but rather a rogue effort by D7 Sup Yee.
    DAAS is recruiting, training a massive volunteer force for The City’s vulnerable population – including doing background checks on new volunteers – which Yee’s program seems to blatantly omit. Be careful and safe. https://sfmayor.org/article/san-francisco-launches-citywide-volunteer-match-program-support-seniors-and-people

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