Supervisor Yee introduces Balboa Reservoir legislation at SF Board of Supervisors

Yesterday at the weekly meeting of the SF Board of Supervisors, President and D7 Supervisor Norman Yee introduced three pieces of legislation that advance the approval process for the Balboa Reservoir housing project. The 17- acre project site is located just south of Sunnyside, between Frida Kahlo Way, Ocean Ave, Westwood Park, and Riordan High School. Plans include a two-acre park and 1100 units of housing, of which half will be affordable.

One of the three items will extend the charter of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC), which had been scheduled to sunset in March of this year. Supervisor Yee’s involvement with the Balboa Reservoir began with him establishing the BRCAC in 2015, in conjunction with SNA. Lisa Spinali, SNA President then, was instrumental in the process and became the first chair of the committee and Sunnyside’s first representative.

The BRCAC is a forum for community concerns about the housing project, and has been afforded a great deal of logistical and technical support by the Planning Dept and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the two City agencies overseeing the Balboa Reservoir project. The legislation extends the sunset date for the BRCAC to July 1, 2021, so the committee will continue to be a conduit for neighborhood concerns about the development and its process.

The other two items of legislation introduced by Supervisor Yee are the Special Use District (SUD) and the Development Agreement (DA). The Special Use District rezones the 17-acre property, which is currently publicly owned by the SFPUC. The Development Agreement details the agreement between the City and the Reservoir Community Partners, the group of developers chosen for the site, including AvalonBay, BRIDGE, Mission Housing, and Habitat for Humanity.

Read the Board of Supervisors legislation text here (click attachment links on page to retrieve PDFs):




Read more about the project by clicking the Balboa Reservoir tab at the top of this page. A few slides from the draft Design Standards and Guidelines can be found at the bottom of this post.

Recent article on SF Chronicle:

Mayor London Breed seals deal for 1,100 new homes near Balboa Park BART

J.K. Dineen April 28, 2020

Updated: April 28, 2020 8:11 p.m.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has finalized an agreement with the developers of the Balboa Reservoir, a key milestone in winning approvals of a controversial plan that would add 1,100 homes to the 17-acre parking lot next to City College.

The development agreement includes a commitment that the developers — Bridge Housing, AvalonBay and Mission Housing — make 550 of the units affordable. It will also include 4 acres of open space, a large child care center, a community center, and $10 million in fees to the city for transit and infrastructure improvements.

Legislation detailing the development agreement and a special use district needed to rezone the property were introduced at the Board of Supervisors Tuesday by board President Norman Yee, who had not previously taken a public position on the development.

Jen Low, a legislative aide to Yee, said that the details of the project would continue to evolve before final approvals, which are likely to happen this summer. Yee considered delaying the introduction of the legislation because of the shelter-in-place order, but ultimately decided to move the process along, Low said.

“He really wanted to shine a light on it so that members of the public could start weighing in,” said Low. “He is excited about he child care and the affordable housing. Those are elements he fought hard for. I’m sure a lot of people will give him feedback and we will have more changes.”

If approved, work on the $30 million of required infrastructure improvements — parks, roads, utilities, sidewalks, landscaping — will likely start in 2022. The first four buildings — two affordable and two market rate — will open in early 2024.

Phase one would include 154 units of educator housing and 123 apartments that would be affordable to a family of four making between $37,000 and $98,000 a year. City College faculty and staff would have first preference for the educator housing.

Brad Wiblin, executive vice president with Bridge Housing, which is developing the project along with AvalonBay and Mission Housing, said the city has “really stepped up to keep this process moving in the middle of the coronavirus shelter in place.”

“There is no doubt in our mind that we are committed to a project that is 50% affordable,” Wiblin said. “This is a 50/50 deal. There is no question, and the city is holding our feet to the fire to make sure that is the case.”

The Balboa Reservoir property is an approximately 17-acre parcel that the city and county of San Francisco owns under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Read the rest of this article here [paywall]:

Below: Slides from the draft Design Standards and Guidelines. Read more about that document here:

DRAFT Design Standards and Guidelines - Balboa Reservoir NeighboDRAFT Design Standards and Guidelines - Balboa Reservoir NeighboDRAFT Design Standards and Guidelines - Balboa Reservoir NeighboDRAFT Design Standards and Guidelines - Balboa Reservoir NeighboDRAFT Design Standards and Guidelines - Balboa Reservoir Neighbo


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