Mass Vandalization of Slow Streets Signage in Sunnyside

UPDATE 1:00 PM: SFMTA has quickly replaced the signs at many of the affected intersections.

Last night at about 4:00 AM, in an act of systematic and wanton destruction, an unknown person cut down nearly every SFMTA Slow Streets sign that had been erected on Hearst Avenue over the preceding few days. Apparently using a power tool, 33 of the 36 newly installed signs were cut off at the base. Every one of the seven intersections on Hearst Ave. were impacted: Baden St., Congo St., Detroit, St., Edna St., Foerster St., Gennessee St., and Ridgewood Ave.

SFMTA has already begun to repair the damage done, and residents at the intersections with surveillance cameras are reviewing their record of the incident. The incident has been reported to SFMTA and Ingleside Police Station.

If you have information that can assist in identifying the perpetrator, contact Ingleside Police Station (415) 404-4000 or SFMTA Slow Streets at .

Surveillance video screen capture of the incident, 4:18 AM at Gennessee/Hearst.

3 thoughts on “Mass Vandalization of Slow Streets Signage in Sunnyside

  1. Stacie Solt

    This is horrible and disgusting. I just moved to this area a couple months ago and am so saddened by this behavior. I never got the vibe that something like this would occur in my new and welcoming and supportive neighborhood. I was driving home from work a bit after 3:40am and am trying to recall if my sleep-deprived brain noticed anything amiss since I drove right down Hearst from Baden to Detroit…

    1. cosmicwonderful

      Thank you for sharing this update. And thank you to SFMTA for fixing the posts so quickly!

      To whomever did this: you surely spent more time and energy cutting down the posts than you ever could have saved by dangerously speeding on Hearst. So congrats for wasting everyone’s time and taxpayer money, especially your own.

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