Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Officers

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association officers for 2020-2022

Ken Hollenbeck, President
Ken is a civil litigation attorney and father to a young daughter who attended Sunnyside Elementary School. He grew up in New York but has lived in San Francisco for the past nineteen years and been a resident of Sunnyside since 2004. In his free time you can find him swimming laps at the City College pool and walking his small but feisty dog around the neighborhood.

Joshua Uribe-Ramirez, Vice-President
Joshua is a community organizer, California native, and the child of two immigrants. They studied English literature at San Francisco State University, serve as Secretary for the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, and work as a campaign field director. In their free time, they can be found reading on the bus and and in parks.

Brian Arthur Smith, Treasurer
Brian was raised in Denver and has lived in San Francisco for much of his life. He is currently planning to renovate his unique 1912 Sunnyside home. He works as an energy efficiency analyst at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. 

Amy O’Hair, Secretary
Amy is a writer and independent researcher who chronicles local history at, and regularly conducts history walks in Sunnyside. She has lived here with her family since 1998, having chosen the neighborhood using a Venn diagram involving BART stations. She can often be seen riding her bike up the Hearst Avenue hill.

Laura Mitic, Member-at-Large
Laura is a biologist working to find therapies for an early-onset adult neurodegenerative disease called frontotemporal dementia. She has lived in San Francisco since 2002, initially in Potrero Hill for 14 years where she co-founded the education nonprofit She loves hiking to the top of Mt. Davidson with her two kids and watching the fog roll in.

David Tejeda, Member-at-Large
David and his family have been homeowners in Sunnyside for over twenty years and members of SNA for ten. He has previously served on the board of SNA as a Member at Large. Returning to the board in 2020, he hopes to make a positive difference going forward—specifically, making Sunnyside a better place for people born in this century. His areas of local interest are housing, transportation, and the Ocean Campus of City College. He’s a big believer in e-bikes, and credits one with keeping him healthy at age 70+.