Balboa Reservoir Project: Important Development in Sunnyside’s Backyard

The Balboa Reservoir Project is a planned development on the large plot of open land to the west of City College. The site will include housing, public open space, and other amenities. Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has been part of the community input during the process of developing plans for the site.


  • The proposed plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors in August 2020.
  • Here is an archive of posts about Balboa Reservoir posts on this website.



The western portion of the Balboa Reservoir, slated for development, which has been used as CCSF parking for decades. Photo courtesy SF Housing Action Coalition.

This project is the largest development to take place near Sunnyside in many decades. The Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) provides a voice for our neighborhood in the process. All community members are welcome at CAC meetings. More about BRCAC meetings here.

  • Email Jon Winston, Chair of the BRCAC here.
  • Email Amy O’Hair, SNA representative on the BRCAC here.

The committee developed a remarkable document to guide development at the site, Proposed Development Principles & Parameters for the Balboa Reservoir.

SNA has its own Balboa Reservoir Committee (BRC) to guide and encourage local community input into the development process. Meets regularly to discuss the process and facilitate communication between the developer team and local residents. Interested SNA members can join: email

Area impacted by Balboa Reservoir Project. Image: (Feb13 2017)
Area impacted by Balboa Reservoir Project. Image: (Feb 13 2017).

Read about the history of the Balboa Reservoir at the Sunnyside History Project.