Looking on the Sunny Side

Part of an occasional series of articles about Sunnyside by SNA members. Local artist Cynthia Dragon recently painted a mural on the plywood window coverings at a local shop at Monterey and Foerster.

By Cynthia Dragon

My husband Jim goes to Kwik & Convenient each morning to get his newspaper. I had been looking at the bare plywood covered windows measuring 8’ tall x 36’ long for a few weeks, and I asked my husband to see if shop owner Prince would like a mural. YES.

Cynthia Dragon with her husband Jim.
Local artist Cynthia Dragon with her husband Jim.

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‘Sunnyside Sequestered’: Issue 5

Another issue of ‘Sunnyside Sequestered’ — art, poetry, science and heartfelt writing by the district’s staying-at-home kids:  https://www.flipsnack.com/995EAD9C5A8/sunnyside-sequestered-issue-5/full-view.html


This issue includes artwork by Wilhelmina Hollenbeck, daughter of SNA President Kenneth Hollenbeck.

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