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Things are moving faster now that the developer team, AvalonBay/BRIDGE, has been chosen for the housing project for this huge site south of Sunnyside. Community involvement will continue to be a big part of the direction that various aspects of the project take. All interested residents are welcome at the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) meetings. Read more about the project at top tab.

When: Monday Dec 11, 2017, 6-8pm.

Where: SF City College Ocean Campus, Multi-Use Building, Room 140, 50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco CA.

What:  The bulk of the meeting will be discussion of the traffic access, circulation, and parking issue, recently identified as primary concerns for local residents.

Read the full agenda here:


From AvalonBay/BRIDGE proposal presentation in June 2017, for Balboa Reservoir site. See links for full proposal here:



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From SFMTA, an update about the ongoing project at Balboa Park Station.


UPDATE: Balboa Park Station Area Improvement Project

Balboa Park Station and the surrounding area is one of the highest ridership BART
stations outside of downtown San Francisco. There are multiple ongoing projects that aim to improve the safety and accessibility for road users and riders travelling to and from the area. The Green Light Rail Center Track Replacement Project, located on Geneva
and San Jose avenues, is one of these projects to improve system reliability with track
replacements, upgrades to the overhead contact system and installation of accessible
ramps and some landscape improvements.

The J-Church Rail Service remains rerouted until track replacement is complete.

Next Saturday, November 18: The J Church rail service will resume its normal route.       


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UPDATE: Tomorrow Tuesday Sept 26 there is the community meeting for the Balboa Park Station Community Advisory Committee (BPSCAC), but due to staff illness, the Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management (TDM) will not be discussed. The subject has been moved to the November meeting of the BSPCAC (more on this closer to the date).

The TDM is a framework for planning transportation changes in the area of the Balboa Park Bart Station, the coming Balboa Reservoir housing project, and surrounding neighborhoods. The draft TDM itself (Apr 2017) can be read here.

Meeting agenda for Sept 26 meeting is available here.  More info about the Community Advisory Committee here.

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UPDATE: this meeting agenda will not include the TDM, please see this post for more info:

Tomorrow Tuesday Sept 26 there is a community meeting about the Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management (TDM). The TDM is a framework for planning transportation changes in the area of the Balboa Park Bart Station, the coming Balboa Reservoir housing project, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Meeting agenda available here.  More info about the Community Advisory Committee here. The draft TDM itself (Apr 2017) can be read here.

From SF Planning: “Updates to the Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Framework were made based on the community comments and input we received over the summer. The project team will summarize these updates from the previous draft at the next Balboa Park Station CAC Meeting, scheduled for September 26, 2017 at 6:00 PM, also in City College Multi-Use Building, Room 140.”

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From Jennifer Heggie of SNA’s Balboa Reservoir Committee (presented at recent SNA Quarterly Meeting). More about this important local housing development at tab at top of this page.

Update on the Balboa Reservoir Development and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Study

A brief history
This Spring, the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) approved a set of Principles and Parameters that were pulled together after two years of public meetings. The Principles and Parameters were folded into a Request for Proposal for developers. Three developer teams out of a pool nine were selected by a cross-City department group which also includes one representative from the BRCAC, Lisa Spinali, and one representative from City College, the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management.

In June of this year, the public was invited on two occasions to listen and provide comments on the three developer team proposals. The proposals were also posted online. These are initial proposals, and as one of the developers said, the end product will probably look very different from the first version.

Going forward
The next step in this process is the selection of the winning developer. The same group that chose the three finalists have interviewed the developers again and are currently reviewing more detailed proposals. They will choose one developer based on three criteria:

  • How responsive the developer is to community concerns;
  • The financial viability of the developer; and
  • How well the proposals address the Principles and Parameters submitted by the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee.

Their selection is then approved by the SFPUC General Manager, and they hope to announce an approved developer team in early September.     (more…)

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Meeting takes place at City College Multi-Use Building,  at Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 6:00 pm Full info here.

On the agenda (which is reproduced in full at end of this post) is the subject of changes planned for the Ocean Ave/I-280 interchange. PDF summary here. Images below are from this document.



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Traffic advisory from SFMTA, excerpt below. Full traffic advisory for the weekend here

NEW:  BART’S Trackway Work at Balboa Park Station

Sunday, July 16:  Crews from BART will conduct work on an improvement project at the Balboa Park Station that will require a day of single-tracking at the station.

During construction, the Westside Walkway that spans from Ocean Avenue to the station fare gates will be open to foot traffic, however patrons will not be able to access the station from those fare gates because the contractor will be working in that area. Patrons will need to continue down the foot path and up the small set of stairs parallel to I280 and the west side of the Balboa Park station toward Geneva.    (more…)

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