They Rose and Ran: Detroit Steps event was a success

On Sunday Nov 24th, the Detroit Steps Project held its first annual Rise & Run event to support the greening and art renovation for the Steps — Thanks to the enthusiastic and effective organizing work of project lead Rosaura Valle.

Rise & Run for the Detroit Steps

By Rosaura Valle, Detroit Steps Project Lead

The sun shined on a mild Sunday morning of November as volunteers were actively setting up for the 1st Annual RISE & RUN Sunnyside Step-a-thon.

The fundraising event, scheduled from 10 to noon, included a Step-a-thon through the Lower and Upper Detroit Steps and a raffle. At 10:30 a.m. Stephen Martinpinto, SNA President, gave the GO to the kids race: about 10 kids (5-12 years old) eagerly ran up and down the Lower Steps for the required 15 minutes. Then all participants walked up the Lower Steps, crossed Monterey Blvd and gathered at the bottom of the Upper Steps where 20 adults (13 and up), energized by an awesome playlist, attempted the Upper Steps run, staggered in 3 batches to ensure safety. Two dogs attended the event and one participated to the race!

Detroit Steps Rise & Run, Nov 24 2019. Flora Clerque Photography.
Great work, people! Detroit Steps Rise & Run, Nov 24 2019. Flora Clerque Photography.

Volunteers in yellow safety vests guarded Monterey crossing, and stood at each end of the steps for the duration of the race, to mark on the participant arm or hand the number of flights accomplished, and to cheer during the effort.

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Nov 24: Detroit Steps Fundraiser: Rise and Run Step-a-Thon



Date and Location
Sunday, November 24, 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon. Meet at Lower Steps, Detroit Street at Hearst Avenue, San Francisco CA.

The Detroit Steps is an ambitious project to beautify the Upper and Lower portions of the Detroit Steps, via landscaping and art. In 2019, District 7 Participatory Budget funding was awarded to the project, to beautify the entrance to the Lower Steps. In addition since June, three major cleanup events have been geared at cleaning the overgrowth in the Upper Steps. Download the FLYER (PDF).

Proceeds from the Rise & Run Step-a-Thon fundraising event will directly pay for the purchase of California native plants to be planted along the Upper Steps. Participation in the event is open to all. Questions? Email:

How to register 

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CCSF Horticulture Class Recent Visit to the Detroit Steps Project

On Friday October 18, 2019, the Landscape Design Class at City College of San Francisco visited the Detroit Steps Project (DSP), meeting with the project’s volunteers who have been working to develop the steps as a landscaped two-block flight of city stairs, with future plans for artwork. (Read more here.)

The Landscape Design class meets regularly every Friday morning on CCSF campus. The large group of about 20 students walked from CCSF to the Lower Steps where they met with DSP members: Monica Collins, Joy Durighello, and Rosaura Valle. After a short presentation on the project, everyone climbed all the steps up to the public site located midway in the Upper Steps. Reclaiming this slice of public land from severe overgrowth and neglect has been one focus of the project.

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This site had been much cleared thanks to the work of CCSF interns Brian Marabello and Cheyenne over the summer, as well as during two community cleanup events on September 7 and October 6. Continue reading “CCSF Horticulture Class Recent Visit to the Detroit Steps Project”

Nov 4: SNA Quarterly Meeting

You are invited: the quarterly meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is  Monday November 4th, 7-8:30 pm. Open to all residents. Agenda below. Held at St Finn Barr Hall, 415 Edna Street (Hearst).


The speakers and subjects to include:

  • President’s Welcome and Treasurer’s report;
  • Tom Doudiet, Asst Division Chief (retd) SFFD, on our Auxiliary Water Supply and emergency fire preparedness;
  • Ashley Murray, Liaison from Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, information and Q&A;
  • Detroit Steps update, with Rosaura Valle;
  • Balboa Reservoir project update, with BRCAC representative Amy O’Hair and and SNA BR Committee Chair Jennifer Heggie.
  • The usual raffle, including fresh eggs from President Steve Martinpinto’s chickens for some lucky winner.

Time to join or renew your membership? You can pay dues at the meeting, or click ‘Donate’ button below.

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Detroit Steps Project: Cleanup Day On Sept 7

Cleanup Day On September 7th, with More to Come

by Rosaura Valle, Project Lead

It took the hard work of 12 Sunnyside residents over 3 hours to generate over 30 compost bags full of weeds, twigs and organic debris: we removed ivy, fennel and honeysuckle, snipping, pruning, cutting and sawing. Decade old ivy had grown intertwined with the slats of a wooden fence that had long concealed illegal dumping. 

Most of our work focused on bringing to bare ground an area located midway of the Upper Steps which abuts an empty lot protected by a chain link fence. This project was also made possible by the contribution of Brian and Cheyenne, two City College students attending the Intro to Horticulture class during the summer, who contributed their internship hours to the Detroit Steps Project. 

Cheyenne and Brian, two CCSF Horticulture students who are helping transform the landscaping around the Upper and Lower Detroit Steps. 

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