Saturday’s Detroit Steps event

The cleanup day for the Detroit Steps on Saturday June 8th was a great success — and Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee visited to show his support. Recently the Detroit Steps Project received a District 7 Participatory Budgeting grant. More about the project here.  A big thank-you to Canyon Market for the donation of food and coffee, and Flora Grub for the donation of plants. All photos except the first one by Flora Clerque Photography.

D7 Supervisor Norman Yes with Detroit Steps Project leaders Suna Mullins (middle) and Rosaura Valle. Photo: Murray Schneider Glen Park News

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June 8: Detroit Steps Cleaning Day

Meet your neighbors and support this project by helping to clean up this burgeoning beauty spot. Saturday June 8, 9 AM to 12 PM. Detroit Street at Hearst Avenue. Tools, coffee and snacks provided.

The San Francisco Department of Public Works Green Team will be generously providing support for the work that day. The project was the recipient of a recent 2019 Participatory Budget grant. Read more about the Detroit Steps Project.

Flyer DETROIT Cleaning 04302019.pdf

Congratulations to the Detroit Steps Project!

Breaking news: The Participatory Budgeting proposal entitled ‘Preparing Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for Landscaping and Art’ secured 678 votes during the recent voting period, and will receive the full $25,000 funding. This group effort on the part of local residents has been generating a lot of excitement. More about the project here.

Preparing Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for Landscaping and Art
This project will fund needed preparations for Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for landscaping and artwork, including the evaluation and repair of the concrete stairway structures on which art will be later affixed and the evaluation and preparation of terracing on the slope for landscaping. These necessary steps will ensure a successful outcome for the next phases of the art and beautification project, which aims to bring visibility to the area, spur small business development, and benefit the entire Monterey Corridor. We envision the Detroit Steps becoming an appealing and inspirational site for walkers and commuters as well as local residents.


A gathering of supporters during one of the Detroit Steps Projects events. Photo: Flora Clerque Photography.

Your vote counts: 2019 Participatory Budgeting now open


District 7 Participatory Budgeting is now open. Cast your vote here:

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Participatory Budgeting 2019: The Detroit Steps

The 2019 Participatory Budgeting ballot will include several Sunnyside-based projects. One is aimed at beginning the process of beautifying the local stairways called the Detroit Steps (Detroit St between Hearst and Joost).  Voting will be open April 1-14, 2019 and take place both online and in person.

Preparing Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for Landscaping and Art

A proposal to fund repairs of the concrete structure, clearing overgrown and address water drainage issues on the Lower and Upper Detroit Steps, as a community-led effort gathers into planning landscape and artwork for future beautification project

VOTE & MAKE SUNNYSIDE SHINE — Voting is open April 1-14, 2019 

To learn more about RE-IMAGINING the Detroit Steps as a lovely pedestrian route, a jogger paradise, or a peaceful haven, visit:  

Or contact: Rosaura Valle /