District 7 Participatory Budgeting 2020: Voting now open!

Previously delayed by the Covid-19 crisis, Supervisor Yee’s office has now opened the voting period for the 2020 Participatory Budgeting ballot of proposed projects. Vote here until July 17th:


This year’s ballot is long and full of worthy ideas. Highlighted below are the projects that impact Sunnyside or adjacent areas, by category:

Pedestrian Safety >

  • Traffic Calming at Monterey:  This project seeks funding to implement various traffic calming measures at East bound Monterey Boulevard. The project will install measures that will slow down traffic and protect many commuters on the 23 and 43 bus lines.
  • Ocean Avenue Crosswalk Safety Project: This project aims to make Ocean Avenue safer for pedestrians through improving three intersections on Ocean Avenue, located at Geneva-Frida Kahlo, Granada, and Miramar Avenues. The east-west crosswalks across each cross-street would be painted with unique designs to make the crosswalks more visible to drivers passing through the intersections, and landscaping would be installed as appropriate.

Culture >

  • Art for Ocean Avenue: This proposal is to beautify Ocean between 19th and Junipero Serra with art to make the street more welcoming to current and new shoppers, businesses, and residents. The funding will paint new murals alongside the M Muni line and on the large Junipero Serra bus stop. Similar murals on Ocean have already successfully eliminated unsightly graffiti. These new murals will be enjoyed for decades by the entire community. The beautification will benefit pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, Muni passengers, residents, and businesses along this busy District 7 corridor.
  • Ocean Avenue Public Posts: The Ocean Avenue Public Post project repurposes four utility poles adorned with artist-crafted neighborhood branding that will be installed at key locations where individuals and organizations can freely post informational flyers and notices.

School, Education, & Youth >

  • Aptos Middle – Shared Schoolyards Upper and Lower Play Yards Upgrade: This project will significantly upgrade the Aptos Middle School upper and lower play yards, which is used by 1000 students each day and by community members on weekends through Aptos’ designation as a Shared Schoolyard. The project will provide new backstops, rims, and nets for 2 basketball courts; new bench and table seating for school lunch time and community activities; creating a mini skate park; installing a traversing boulder; and installing hydration stations and new debris container to improve usability of the space.

Activate Play Space >

  • Wilderness in the Neighborhood – Sunnyside Park: Children love climbing Sunnyside Park’s hillsides. However, excessive trampling on the field level slope has causes soil erosion, plant destruction, and instability to historic trees. This proposal seeks to begin a process of transforming this long and steep slope into a place where children can satisfy their unstoppable curiosity to explore, while also conserving the natural landscape. Steps will grant access to a landing which guides kids to follow a meandering trail around mysterious bends. Parents will welcome knowing their kids are safe from sliding over the retaining walls, and Nature lovers will appreciate that ecological resources are being protected.

Newsletter from D7 Supervisor Norman Yee

Yee_newsletter_2020_04_04April 4, 2020

I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones well and safe. I’ve been reaching out each week to provide updates on COVID-19 response efforts, helpful resources, and information about how we can all help keep ourselves and each other safe. I want to make sure that everyone feels supported as we all navigate through this very challenging time, and I will continue to share these updates in the weeks ahead.

I have been with my staff at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) downtown since the center opened on March 18th. Multiple city departments, including the Department of Public Health and the Department of Emergency Management, are co-located there in order to keep communications and our citywide COVID-19 response moving as efficiently as possible. We have been advocating for hotel rooms for first responders, especially our front line workers such as our doctors and nurses, childcare providers, grocery store workers, police officers who are providing essential and life-saving services, some at great risk to themselves and their families. We’ve also been pushing to put relief in place for small businesses and tenants as well as property owners and landlords. Testing every single staff person at Laguna Honda Hospital who might be at risk and also expanding testing to all patients that might warrant it, has also been a priority as testing capacity ramps up citywide. These are only some of the actions that we have been moving forward while at the EOC.

As always, please feel free to reach out to my office during this time – we are here to help.



In this newsletter you will find information about:

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