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Have you adopted your local storm drain yet? Over 40 of Sunnyside’s storm drains have been adopted by local residents through an SF Water program, many of them given pet names like Cowboy, Oscar, and Drainy McDrainerson (of course). See a map of all the adoptees and find out how you can participate here: Click register to start.


Adopted drains are purple; those available are green. Visit here to see full map and participate: 

For all those who have already adopted, now is the time to give your pet drain a sweep, before rain comes.   (more…)


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Last Saturday Friends of the Urban Forest workers, neighbors, and volunteers descended upon the many newly opened planting areas located all around the corners of Detroit/Flood and Detroit/Hearst, and put in lots of native plants and trees.


The result is a whole lot less concrete and a whole lot more green and growing gardens. This was a project initiated by Pam Parker Souza and her neighbors, with a great deal of help from FUF. Want to know how you can transform your block? Contact Pam at


On Flood Ave near Detroit St.


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The Sunnyside Conservatory getting its windows washed today. Carla and Juan from Recreation and Parks Dept are on the job.



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SNA was contacted by Ford Go Bike/Motivate about the four sites they propose for bikeshare stations in Sunnyside. They would like to hear from Sunnyside residents about the proposed choices, and we encourage you to write directly to Justin Nguyen, the Outreach Coordinator. (See below for full contact info.)

Here are mock-up photographs of the sites. These are: northeast corner, Gennessee & Monterey (23 bikes); southwest corner, Hearst & Edna (19 bikes); northeast corner, Hearst & Congo (19 bikes); and south side of Judson between Foerster & Gennessee (23 bikes). All planned sites are located on the street (not sidewalk).


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Gennessee Street at Monterey Blvd. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Hearst Ave at Edna Street. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Hearst Ave at Congo Street. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Judson Ave near Gennessee. Exact location to be determined. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.

To comment, contact:

Justin Hu-Nguyen
Outreach/Marketing Coordinator
Motivate, Operator of FordGoBike
415-746-9827 cell


A portion of the map of planned Phase 3 bikeshare station locations, Ford Go Bike. Extra street labels added by SNA.

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The SF Examiner recently ran a piece stating that SF Dept of the Environment would like to move to eliminating the black bin, leaving only the blue (recycling) and green (compost) bins for residences.


That day is some ways off, but in the meantime, there have been changes in what should be kept out of the black bin, and go into the blue or green bin. The list of acceptable blue-bin items in particular has got very long. New additions not everyone knows about below (and this is far from a full list, click here for that):

  • Soy-milk type containers or other box-type milks or soups, that aren’t refrigerated when you buy them (UHT/tetrapack-type). Blue bin.
  • Fabric, textiles, clothing not fit to donate — put into clear bag and into blue bin. No shoes or belts.
  • Metal — basically anything metal and not full of some substance. Blue bin.
  • Hard plastic — basically anything, including old CDs and DVDs and plastic pens! Blue bin.
  • Soft plastic — plastic bags and plastic wrap — bundle into one bag and put into blue bin. Includes bubble wrap, outside wrappers of paper towels, toilet paper, etc, and those air-bags that come with delivered boxes. And more, see link below.
  • Wood pieces — like chopsticks  and unpainted scraps. Green bin.
  • Pizza boxes — clean ones in the blue bin, greasy ones in the green bin.

See this page for full lists of what is accepted.


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One Sunnyside neighbor is making a green difference on her block. Pam Parker Souza, realtor and SNA member, initiated a greening project on her block, near Detroit St and Flood Ave, with cooperation of her neighbors and the help of Friends of the Urban Forest. First the concrete comes out, then the plants go in. The big planting day is the morning of Saturday Oct 14 — stop by then to see what’s happening and show your support. More info and photos later.


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With sponsorship from SF Parks Alliance, there will be a clean-up day for the ‘ribbon garden’* that runs along Circular Avenue next to the I-280 freeway.

When: Saturday August 19th, from 9:00am to 12:30pm

Where: Meet at the Congo Street triangle, Circular Ave and Congo St. at 9:00 am.

What: Drop in anytime to help weed, pick-up trash and beautify Circular!


The 2011 opening ceremony for the Circular Ribbon Garden, with Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Scott Wiener in attendance, along with local residents who helped make it happen, including Pat Moore, Ming Louie, Bob Abra, and many others.

  • So called because the garden is very long and narrow, running along Circular Ave from Monterey Blvd to Havelock Street.

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