Photos from the 2021 Holiday Party and Concert

Last Saturday SNA held its first in-person event in the Covid era, the Third Annual(ish) Holiday Party and Concert at Sunnyside Conservatory. Photos below.

The event featured locally sourced entertainment: the Sunnyside Winds performed Dvorak Wind Serenade by Dvorak, brought to us by Carol Yarbrough; Ian Ratzer’s Hearst Avenue All-Stars, a jazz quartet, played seasonal numbers; and local performer Valerie Façhman, sang and played fiddle with Madeleine Muzio.

Special thanks to Richard Goldman who graciously volunteered to check vax cards at the door; Andrea O’Leary for delicious tarts in absentia; Claudia O’Callaghan for her Sunnyside Squares, Bill Wilson for being the official press photog; and many others who pitched in in different ways to help make it an enjoyable event.

Oct 31: Halloween on Slow Hearst

You are invited to Sunnyside’s first ever Halloween party on Slow Hearst! Join your friends and neighbors for this family-oriented celebration on Sunday, October 31.

  • Location: Hearst Ave at Detroit Street
  • Time: Sunday, October 31 at 4pm
  • Featuring: Refreshments, spooky music, with a competitive Costume and Pumpkin Contest! After the judging wraps up, join all the little ghouls and goblins for a Trick-or-Treating Stroll along Hearst Ave.
  • Full event and contest details here.

Want to give out candy? Add your house to our map and note if there will be candy, cocktails, live music, a haunted house, vampires, etc.

Volunteer to give out Candy or help with Slow Hearst Halloween.

Slow Hearst Kick-off Event on Aug 28

Meet your neighbors and enjoy Sunnyside’s new Slow Street on Hearst Avenue. Saturday August 28, 2021, from 1 to 5 PM. Between Congo and Foerster streets.

Activities for kids, bikes, food, music and fun! Games with prizes at 2 PM. Big Wheels parade–Meet at Ridgewood at 3 PM.

Slow Hearst Kick-off event on Sat August 28, 2021, 1-5 PM.
Slow Hearst Kick-off event on Sat August 28, 2021, 1-5 PM.

Download the PDF flyer here.

Request a window sign here.

Sponsored by Slow Hearst