Detroit Steps Project: Cleanup Day On Sept 7

Cleanup Day On September 7th, with More to Come

by Rosaura Valle, Project Lead

It took the hard work of 12 Sunnyside residents over 3 hours to generate over 30 compost bags full of weeds, twigs and organic debris: we removed ivy, fennel and honeysuckle, snipping, pruning, cutting and sawing. Decade old ivy had grown intertwined with the slats of a wooden fence that had long concealed illegal dumping. 

Most of our work focused on bringing to bare ground an area located midway of the Upper Steps which abuts an empty lot protected by a chain link fence. This project was also made possible by the contribution of Brian and Cheyenne, two City College students attending the Intro to Horticulture class during the summer, who contributed their internship hours to the Detroit Steps Project. 

Cheyenne and Brian, two CCSF Horticulture students who are helping transform the landscaping around the Upper and Lower Detroit Steps. 

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Saturday’s Detroit Steps event

The cleanup day for the Detroit Steps on Saturday June 8th was a great success — and Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee visited to show his support. Recently the Detroit Steps Project received a District 7 Participatory Budgeting grant. More about the project here.  A big thank-you to Canyon Market for the donation of food and coffee, and Flora Grub for the donation of plants. All photos except the first one by Flora Clerque Photography.

D7 Supervisor Norman Yes with Detroit Steps Project leaders Suna Mullins (middle) and Rosaura Valle. Photo: Murray Schneider Glen Park News

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June 8: Detroit Steps Cleaning Day

Meet your neighbors and support this project by helping to clean up this burgeoning beauty spot. Saturday June 8, 9 AM to 12 PM. Detroit Street at Hearst Avenue. Tools, coffee and snacks provided.

The San Francisco Department of Public Works Green Team will be generously providing support for the work that day. The project was the recipient of a recent 2019 Participatory Budget grant. Read more about the Detroit Steps Project.

Flyer DETROIT Cleaning 04302019.pdf

Prompt response — DPW trims Circular Ribbon Garden oak tree

The San Francisco Department of Public Works took over care of the city’s street trees a couple years ago.  Here is that voter-approved proposition in action — a big oak tree in the Circular Ribbon Garden needed a good deal of attention, and a request recently brought DPW workers out to work on it. They did a great job. Thank you DPW!

Oak tree, Circular Ave. and Congo St., after trimming. Photo: Dept. of Public Works.
DPW workers Andy Birrell, Ricardo Lizarraga, Brian Boone and Supervisor Nili Niu. Photo: Dept. of Public Works.

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