Balboa Reservoir community event on Dec 5

From the Balboa Reservoir Project developer team, AvalonBay/BRIDGE:


Enjoy food and drinks with neighbors and Discuss Balboa Reservoir’s Sustainability Plan and Overall Project Updates.

Please join the Balboa Reservoir’s Architecture and Sustainability Team for food and drinks as we share initial plans to implement sustainable development practices for the Balboa Reservoir’s site infrastructure and buildings.

Date/time: Wednesday, Dec 5th between 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location:  Ingleside Presbyterian Church, 1345 Ocean Avenue 

For more information about the Balboa Reservoir, please visit our website: or contact us at:

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Balboa Reservoir community event on December 5th

The next Balboa Reservoir project event is the Community Holiday Party held on Wed Dec 5, at the Ingleside Presbyterian Church (1345 Ocean Ave) from 6 to 8 pm.

During the event, there will also be a Sustainability Workshop, describing how that principle will be implemented in the planned housing project. Opportunities for public feedback.

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Local YIMBY in the Chronicle

SNA member and Sunnyside resident David Tejeda was one of several people interviewed for a recent SF Chronicle article “Bay Area Housing Crisis: Six YIMBYs on a mission”.  [paywall]

An excerpt:

David Tejeda

Occupation: Contractor

Neighborhood: Sunnyside

Story: Tejada stands out in a room full of YIMBYs. At 70, he’s twice as old as most of the people active in the movement. He’s also the owner of a home he bought two decades ago near the Balboa Reservoir. It’s a neighborhood where many residents are opposed to a redevelopment plan calling for about 1,100 new housing units.

In his words: “A lot people in my age group have the attitude, ‘I’ve got mine. If you don’t have yours, it’s your own fault.’ At the same time, they complain that their grown kids are living in their basement. Well, if there were more places for them to live they wouldn’t have to stay in the basement. I’m a firm believer that you don’t pull the drawbridge up.”

As a note: the current board of Sunnyside Neighborhood Association supports the Balboa Reservoir Project, as did the previous board. SNA has been involved from the beginning of the community engagement process. Many residents here look forward to new neighbors and a new park, and more housing for the city. 

Tues Oct 30: Environmental Review scoping meeting for Balboa Reservoir project

There will be a public meeting to discuss the scope of the Balboa Reservoir project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR)–which will consider what possibilities and configurations of the project, and its streets, buildings, and infrastructure, will be studied for their environmental impacts. This will be an opportunity to learn more about and comment on the proposed EIR scope of work. More about opportunities to comment below.

Here is the Notice of Preparation from the Planning Dept, which describes the scope of the project to be studied for environmental impacts.

When: October 30th (Tuesday), 6-8pm.

Where: Lick Wilmerding High School cafeteria (755 Ocean Avenue). [Transit: Balboa Park BART; 8-Bayshore, 29-Sunset, 43-Masonic, 49-VanNess, K-Ingleside, 54-Felton.]

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Balboa Reservoir update: slides from Oct 15 BRCAC meeting

At the Oct 15th Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee meeting, the presentation given included two elements: an update about the coming Environmental Review scoping meeting on Oct 30th, and an update about the proposed plan for the site.

Read more about the Environmental Review meeting here, including how to give feedback about what options are to be studied.

The entire Oct 15th BRCAC presentation can be seen here (PDF).

Below are selected slides from the developer (AvalonBay/BRIDGE) presentation about the current state of the plan for housing and park space. In particular, in response to neighborhood feed back about the first design for the park, they have changed the orientation to reduce the wind that the open space would be subject to.

Images include simulations blocking out the approximate size and location of the buildings, and what they would look like from various viewpoints nearby–including the planned City College Performing Arts Education Center on the Upper Reservoir.

Slide from Oct 15 BRCAC meeting. View presentation here.  

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Balboa Reservoir community meeting: Architecture and Design

The Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) meets this evening, Monday October 15, 6:15-8pm, CCSF Multi-Use Building Room 140. This meeting is open to the public, with opportunities for public comment during the meeting. The agenda can be found here (PDF).

The subject is Architecture and Design. The PDF of presentation slides will be available online at the BRCAC webpage at a later date. If you can’t attend and wish to comment, see info below images.

Below are a selection of slides from a BRCAC presentation by the developer, AvalonBay/BRIDGE,  in January. (View entire PDF here.)

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