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The sidewalk hearts seen last year (and noted in this post) at the eastern end of Monterey started reappearing near the Detroit crosswalk recently. A passerby happened upon the artist, who has recently moved to Sunnyside.

His name is Amar Pai and he works as a software engineer. He was working from home today and this was his lunch break.


“I started out drawing hearts on the sidewalk and at some point I noticed other people drawing more, that helped me to keep it going. Kind of brightens up your commute, when you’re walking to work.”


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SFMTA sends this update on how they are implementing pedestrian safety improvements in Sunnyside, in part as a result of our Participating Budgeting grant from last year, but also due to the increased attention Monterey Blvd is getting since being identified as a High-Injury Corridor last year. Images added by SNA for illustration.

It’s time for an update on the progress of the Sunnyside area traffic and safety improvements were listed in the participatory budget application.

  • The feedback on daylighting of intersections on Monterey Blvd, Hearst Street and Congo Street were mostly supportive of some parking loss to increasing pedestrian safety, so we are moving forward with this plan.

    Daylighting increases visibility. Left, without; right, with.

    Work orders should be sent out in the next week or two with implementation within the next month.

  • We do not recommend stop signs at Gennessee/Hearst and Congo/Mangels. Additional red zones as part of the daylighting will be installed. Continental crosswalks will be installed at Gennessee/Hearst.  


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Two new cameras were being installed today on streetlight posts at the Monterey/Circular/I-280 intersection—not for speed enforcement, but to improve the sensing system that determines traffic-light timing.


Monterey Blvd at Circular Ave, near I-280 freeway entrance. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Assn.


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Strong winds today took down a large tree on Monterey Blvd just east of Congo Street. Fortunately no cars or drivers were injured when it fell shortly after 1pm, Wed Mar 22. An ad hoc group of young men assembled–neighbors and passers-by–to move the trunk so that cars could pass. Another neighbor called 311. Like many of the trees on Monterey planted in the 1970s, it was not in good health.


Volunteers moving the tree so cars can pass. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.


Tree fallen on Monterey between Baden and Congo. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association


Tree fallen on Monterey between Baden and Congo. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

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Stark message about distracted driving, from recent article in SFWeekly.


What’s more dangerous? [Smartphone vs alcoholic drink] Your phone. You’re 6 times more likely to crash that driving drunk. Driving distracted is deadly driving.

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For ten years there have been plans afoot to remodel and expand Sunnyside’s Safeway store at 625 Monterey Blvd. Representatives from Albertsons Companies, which bought the Safeway chain in 2015, have just announced that these original plans to overhaul the store are no longer being pursued by the company.

Natalie Mattei, Albertsons Senior Real Estate Manager, has been in regular contact with SNA over the years. She had this to say about the change in plans this week:

“Although the existing store was not being demolished [under previous plans], the extensive construction would have resulted in the grocery store being closed for 10-14 months. Safeway was fortunate to have an amazing group of immediate neighbors and interested community members who helped with design questions and support the entitlement effort. Safeway was close to obtaining building permits this past Fall, at which time a review of building costs and retail developments caused Safeway to pause on an expansion into the parking lot at this time.

“Safeway has been and continues to be a proud member of the Sunnyside neighborhood. … Although an expansion of the grocery store is not feasible at this time, Safeway is still committed to renovating and upgrading the existing store. I would anticipate this design going through the building permit process and getting underway later in 2018. The store should be able to remain in operation through most if not all of the construction.”


Safeway, 625 Monterey Blvd. Photo from http://cecdns_com


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SNA was contacted by Ford Go Bike/Motivate about the four sites they propose for bikeshare stations in Sunnyside. They would like to hear from Sunnyside residents about the proposed choices, and we encourage you to write directly to Justin Nguyen, the Outreach Coordinator. (See below for full contact info.)

Here are mock-up photographs of the sites. These are: northeast corner, Gennessee & Monterey (23 bikes); southwest corner, Hearst & Edna (19 bikes); northeast corner, Hearst & Congo (19 bikes); and south side of Judson between Foerster & Gennessee (23 bikes). All planned sites are located on the street (not sidewalk).


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Gennessee Street at Monterey Blvd. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Hearst Ave at Edna Street. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Hearst Ave at Congo Street. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.


Photo mock-up of proposed bikeshare station site on Judson Ave near Gennessee. Exact location to be determined. Created by SNA with information from Ford Go Bike.

To comment, contact:

Justin Hu-Nguyen
Outreach/Marketing Coordinator
Motivate, Operator of FordGoBike
415-746-9827 cell


A portion of the map of planned Phase 3 bikeshare station locations, Ford Go Bike. Extra street labels added by SNA.

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