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You are invited: Come to the quarterly meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association on Monday April 24th. Find out what is happening in Sunnyside — hear from city officials and ask your questions — meet your neighbors in person — become a member of your neighborhood association.

Time and place: Monday April 24th, 7-8:30 pm, at St Finn Barr Auditorium (415 Edna Street at Hearst Ave).

What’s On the Agenda: This is an exciting time for Sunnyside. Our pedestrian safety proposal won the funds to improve our streets during recent Participatory Budgeting — hear details about how this project will go.

There is a very important housing and park development, Balboa Reservoir Project, that will go up just on our south border — hear how you can have an effect on which proposed idea is chosen — and it’s happening soon. A representative from the Planning Dept will be here to present information on the Project.

There will be speakers on the urban beekeeping issue, and the Natural Areas Program, pesticides, tree removal and run-off. A representative from Supervisor Yee’s office will be present.  And there will be time to hear from members about their ideas and concerns.


We welcome all residents of Sunnyside to attend, and membership is open to all residents. We rely on members’ dues to pay our expenses. If you are not a member, you can join that evening. If you need to pay your dues, you can also do that. Or join or renew online (see below or click ‘Membership’ tab at the top).        (more…)

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A chance for you to help bring City money to Sunnyside for projects like pedestrian safety and community art is coming soon. On March 17, 2017 the voting opens on this year’s array of choices. This page is where it will happen:


SNA President Stephen Martinpinto is on the PB committee, and has helped craft a package of ped safety improvements for the neighborhood that incorporates the requests of numerous local residents. There is a quarter of a million dollars available for ped safety alone, and SNA hopes we can bring some of that money to Sunnyside.

More later!


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The New York Times just published a longish article about children and San Francisco, which includes quotes from District 7 Supervisor, Norman Yee.

Read it here: Beyond Chron’s reply:

“Everybody talks about children being our future,” said Norman Yee, a member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. “If you have no children around, what’s our future?”

[….] Mr. Yee, the supervisor, is urging his colleagues to hold hearings next month on the issue of children.

“For me it’s part of the fabric of what a city should have,” he said. “It makes us all care more.”


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You can help shape the future of your D7 neighborhood — come to the Participatory Budgeting meeting tomorrow, Saturday Dec 17th. More about the process here. Details on meeting below.

From District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee’s office:

District 7 Residents — I am excited to announce the launch of the 4th year of District 7 Participatory Budgeting!  This year YOU will have the opportunity to apply for and decide on how to allocate $550,000  ($300,000 for General Projects & $250,000 for Pedestrian Safety/Vision Zero)!

Please join me at the upcoming meeting to find out more about Participatory Budgeting,  how to apply and get feedback from departments on your ideas and proposals.

D7 Participatory Budgeting Meeting with Departments

Saturday, December 17th
10:00AM to Noon

Ingleside Presbyterian Church
1345 Ocean Ave (b/t Granada Ave. and Plymouth)

Click here for Flyer and and here for Application. (more…)

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From Supervisor Norman Yee: District 7 Newsletter – Holiday 2016


Season’s greetings community members!

I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy holiday season. I am honored to be re-elected as your District 7 Supervisor. With nearly double the first-choice votes of any other candidate, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve a second term on behalf of San Francisco’s West Side. (more…)

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Residents of District 7, which includes Sunnyside,  have the opportunity to propose and/or vote for projects that draw on public funds for projects that particularly benefit our district. This innovative process is called Participatory Budgeting.  D7 Supervisor Norman Yee is leading this effort. Here’s a list of what projects were chosen last year.

In past years both Sunnyside Park and Sunnyside Elementary School projects have been chosen, bestowing tens of thousands of dollars in city money in our neighborhood. What project would you propose?

The process for choosing D7 projects for 2016-17 has begun. The kick-off meeting is Thursday Dec 1st at West Portal Playground Clubhouse (6-7:30 pm), followed by a proposal workshop on Dec 17th (more information here). Here is an application for proposing a project. Questions? Contact Supervisor Yee’s aide, Erica Maybaum

d7_participatory_budgeting_2016_11_22 (more…)

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District 7 Newsletter — Fall 2016

Yee-June2016Dear community members,

I wish everyone a happy fall and election season! This is a very important presidential election year and I encourage everyone to vote by or on Election Day, November 8. Here is more information from the SF Dept of Elections on voter registration deadlines, dates and in-person and by-mail voting. Here are the government links to all 25 local ballot measures and 17 state ballot measures.

In particular I’d like to highlight three local measures on the November ballot:

  • Prop E–Street Trees: City to take back responsibility for street tree maintenance
  • Prop I–Dignity Fund: creating dedicated funding for seniors and adults with disabilities
  • Prop L–SFMTA split appointments: establishing more balance and diversity on the SFMTA Board

Included below are brief updates from my office about legislation going through the Board of Supervisors’ legislative process:

As usual included are updates on construction projects and community announcements.

Remember to vote by November 8, Election Day!




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