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Voting closed — we’ll post results as soon as we get them.

If you haven’t voted yet in Participatory Budgeting, please do it today. These are local projects designed for your neighborhood, by your neighbors (see Sunnyside’s list below)—but they don’t get funded without your vote. Voting season is open until midnight, Saturday Apr 14. All District 7 residents can vote. (Don’t know if you are D7? See map.)

Four projects were developed by Sunnyside residents, and will have a direct impact on our neighborhood–but only if they get enough votes. We did it last year, we can do it again. Please Vote for Sunnyside!  

 The short list of Sunnyside projects to vote for (details follow):

  • Judson Ave. Traffic Calming
  • Mangels-Foerster Crosswalk
  • Sunnyside Park Plaza activation
  • Sunnyside Elementary Playground
  • Vision Zero / Pedestrian Safety

Vision Zero / Pedestrian SafetyParticipatoryBudgeting2018_SocialMediaImages_pedestrians


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ParticipatoryBudgeting2018_SocialMediaImages_bannerParticipatory Budgeting voting season is here: From April 1 to April 14, all District 7 residents can vote on which community-initiated projects to fund. (D7 Map.) Your vote is the critical for bringing money to our neighborhood for projects designed by your neighbors! Please take a moment and vote here:

Four projects were developed by Sunnyside residents, and will have a direct impact on our neighborhood–but only if they get enough votes. Vote for Sunnyside!

The short list of Sunnyside projects to vote for (details follow):

  1. Judson Traffic Calming
  2. Mangels-Foerster Crosswalk
  3. Sunnyside Park Plaza activiation
  4. Sunnyside Elementary Playground 

Vision Zero / Pedestrian SafetyParticipatoryBudgeting2018_SocialMediaImages_pedestrians


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On this new map from California Geological Survey, you can find out by entering your address whether you live in an area prone to damage during an earthquake–faults, liquefaction, landslides.

Article about the new map on Curbed:

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From Ingleside Police Station. Wed Mar 21, 3100 Mission St (Cesar Chavez).

March 2018 week

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From SFMTA, an update about the work they are doing regarding pedestrian safety upgrades on Sunnyside streets. Read the previous update from SFMTA here.

From SFMTA Engineer Philip Louie:

We have been working on the list of Sunnyside area traffic and safety improvements that were listed in the participatory budget application. As part of the safety improvements, we recommend “daylighting” the intersections which pulls back parked vehicles from the intersection by installing a short red zone between the stop line and parked car. This increases the visibility of pedestrians for drivers as they approach the intersection. This can affect parking in the area, and the streets you requested increased safety on are no different.

We are now presenting you with our recommended places where additional daylighting would be beneficial to increasing safety. Most of the red zones will be pushing the cars back from the intersection to increase visibility. For example, on Monterey, we recommend extending the red zones between the yield triangles and the crosswalk at Colon, Valdez and Hazelwood in the westbound direction. This will be an additional 15 feet of red zone which is less than the length of a parking space. However, there are several parking spaces that we recommend removing: three on Hearst, two on Congo, five on Monterey.    (more…)

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From San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón <> Related article on SF Examiner:

How We Address SF’s Auto Burglary Challenge

Dear fellow San Franciscans,

I write today in regards to auto break-ins.  I’ve received emails from many of you, and I wanted to take a moment to communicate directly about what my office is doing to reduce break-ins in San Francisco.  I recognize that these crimes are a stain on our quality of life and the charm of our amazing city, and my hope is that this email will provide some answers about where we are and where we go from here.

As you may know, my office prosecuted 82% of the 490 auto break-ins last year that resulted in an arrest, and our average disposition included county jail time and felony probation.

The vast majority of these crimes are committed by a small number of people.  Accordingly, this week, my office announced a plan to target the most prolific offenders which can have an outsized impact on the overall number of incidents in San Francisco.  This multi-disciplinary approach out of my office successfully resulted in major cases such as Operation Cold Day, which netted the most arrests in one day in ATF history.  It also led to dozens of defendants indicted in an organized retail theft conspiracy that spanned the United States.  In fact, through this process my office identified Carlos Paz, the “main fence” in an international multimillion-dollar fencing operation.    (more…)

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From Philip Louie, Associate Engineer, SFMTA, regarding the Sunnyside Pedestrian Safety Proposal funds ($120,000) allocated during 2017 Participatory Budgeting. Read about the Proposal here.

“Below is a breakdown of the requests in the Participatory Budget application. Some of these still need to be reviewed to ensure they meet our feasibility standards. The timeline for these measures is that they will all be complete by July of this year unless otherwise noted; as more specific timelines are figured out we can plan to let the group know. The measures include:

1. Speed Radar Feedback signs – already met with you to determine location and continuing to move forward on this

o At Monterey and Acadia, for westbound traffic

2.  Speed humps at various locations – we are awaiting speed data to determine eligibility. For the locations that qualify, we will send a ballot to residents of that street. The humps that are approved should be constructed in the summer/fall, dependent on workload for the construction crews. The locations are:

o Joost from Baden – Congo

o Mangels: Baden to Nordoff and Nordoff to Congo

o Congo between Mangels and Stillings

o Melrose between Mangels and Gennessee

3.  Pedestrian safety improvements on several streets will include new high visibility crosswalks,  (more…)

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