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From DPW, In the Works newsletter — including items about street trees and Ocean Avenue.

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A recent issue of “In The Works,” a magazine from the Dept of Public Works, contained some information about tree care from the City now that Prop E is in effect.

The magazine (which utilizes Flash) is available here. For your convenience, here is the page about tree care from that publication. The links in the image follow.


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Useful info from Glen Park Association

San Jose Avenue Closure

by Heather World
Forwarded from the Department of Public Works:

OVERNIGHT WORK – San Jose Avenue Concrete Barrier Installation
SF Public Works and SFMTA are scheduled to begin installing concrete barriers along the expressway portion of San Jose Avenue to better delineate the traffic and bicycle lanes. The work will be performed overnight due to the large volume of traffic and to help ensure the safety of staff installing the concrete barriers. Installation work will commence on Sunday night July 30, 2017.

The typical work days/hours will Sunday night to Friday morning from 8 PM to 5 AM. Installation of the concrete barriers will take about 2 weeks to complete.

Installation of the barriers will occur along the expressway portion of San Jose Avenue in the Northbound direction between St. Mary’s Ave. and Randall St. and in the Southbound direction between Randall St. and the Wilder St. exit.

Thank you for your patience as we complete these improvements. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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Dept of Public Works released their list of streets slated for “microsurfacing” repaving in the next few months. The only block to be affected in Sunnyside is Gennessee St between Monterey and Joost. More information here:

General Paving_DPW_SF.JPG

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From the Dept of Public Works Clean Team: District 7 event on July 29th:

Community Clean Team is SF Public Works’ longest-running and largest volunteer program that keeps San Francisco beautiful through landscaping and garden projects, graffiti removal, and more! This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a hands-on project that’ll beautify your community. Get your volunteer team together and prepare to tackle projects all around San Francisco’s iconic neighborhoods in District 7! [Details below.]

D7 Clean Team July29 flyer.jpg


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Dust, noise, and street blockage — the sewer replacement project affecting Sunnyside streets right now is an inconvenience for many residents, prompting complaints posted on NextDoor. Why is the work being done? When asked about it, Jean Walsh, the contact for the project at SFPUC, had this to say about it:


300 block of Hearst Ave. Several other blocks are effected.

This project is to expand the capacity of the sewers in the area in order to reduce flooding. The project is scheduled to take place May 2017 through approximately November 2017.

I am planning to get the most updated schedule for each affected street and post to Nextdoor next week. In the meantime, here is a bit more information:

The project consists of the following:

1. Sewer capacity improvements:

  • Constructing an auxiliary sewer along Foerster Street (from Hearst Avenue to Melrose Avenue)
  • Replacing the existing 8” sewer with a 12” sewer along Mangels Avenue (from Foerster Street to Detroit Street)
  • Replacing the existing 8” sewer with 24” to 27” sewer along Hearst Avenue (from Edna Street to Detroit Street)
  • Replacing the existing 15” sewer with 30” sewer along Detroit Street (from Hearst Avenue to Flood Avenue)

2. Surface drainage improvements at 2 intersections on Foerster Street (@Joost Avenue and @Mangels Avenue)

  • Constructing 2 raised crosswalks to reduce surface flows that cross Foerster Street
  • Installing associated curb ramps to maintain pedestrian and ADA accessibility
  • Installing catch basins to improve surface drainage

3. Paving restoration following the construction of sewer and drainage improvements.

Jean Marie Walsh
Communications Manager
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
525 Golden Gate Ave. 12th Floor
(415) 554-3289


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One of the intersections called out as dangerous to walkers and cyclists in SNA’s winning pedestrian safety proposal in the recent round of Participatory Budgeting was Baden Street and Hearst Avenue. This week a DPW contractor began work on the first step toward better safety for vulnerable road users here: installing ADA (yellow bumpy) ramps on each of the corners. Are painted crosswalks next?


Baden St. at Hearst Ave. Construction on ADA ramps. May 30th 2017


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