Balboa Reservoir Community Meeting on Monday Sept 30

The Balboa reservoir Community Advisory Committee meets on Monday Sept 30th, 6-8 PM, at City College Multi-Use Building, Room 140, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco. Public comment is welcome at these meetings.

The meeting focus is on Transportation. The annual report of the committee will be discussed. View the agenda here:

Read more about the project at the SF Planning Dept:

Read more about the project on the SNA website: 

View the whole document from the June meeting here:
View the whole document from the June meeting here:

Monday Aug 5: SNA Quarterly Meeting

You are invited: the quarterly meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is  Monday August 5th, 7-8:30 pm. Open to all residents. Agenda below.  at St Finn Barr Hall, 415 Edna Street at Hearst Ave.


The speakers and subjects will include:

  • President’s Welcome and Treasurer’s report;
  • Detroit Steps update, with Rosaura Valle;
  • Stop Crime SF, with guest Joel Engardio;
  • Balboa Reservoir project update and community discussion, with BRCAC representative Amy O’Hair and and SNA BR Committee Chair Jennifer Heggie, including information on City College’s new campus plan;
  • Also including a Q&A with an SFMTA representative about the prospect of parking permits re BR impacts;
  • Undergrounding utility wires, with guest Kate Beckwith;
  • The usual raffle, including fresh eggs from President Steve Martinpinto’s chickens for some lucky winner.

Time to join or renew your membership? You can pay dues at the meeting, or click ‘Donate’ button below.

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Judson Avenue daylighting completed; speed cushions to come

New red curbs designed to increase pedestrian safety on Judson Avenue at the Foerster and Gennessee intersections has been completed by SFMTA. This prevents cars and RVs from parking in such a way to block pedestrian visibility at intersections. The measure were approved a few months ago. Last week speed cushions were also approved for Judson for the blocks between Circular and Gennessee, further addressing this dangerous stretch where cars speed. The cushions will be installed sometime in the near future.

Daylighting on south side of Judson Avenue at Foerster Street. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.
Daylighting on south side of Judson Avenue at Foerster Street. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.
Daylighting on south side of Judson Avenue at Gennessee Street. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.
Daylighting on south side of Judson Avenue at Gennessee Street. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Muni Art: Call for Artists

From SF Beautiful. Last year local artist Christine Weibel won in this competition. 



The MUNI Art Deadline is Friday, June 29th at 6:00 PM

Winners will be announced on Friday, August, 30, 2019

The Theme for this Year: “Hidden Gems in San Francisco”

San Francisco Beautiful proudly announces its fifth year featuring local Bay Area Artists & Poets on MUNI buses throughout San Francisco



Traffic calming for your block

SFMTA’s traffic-calming program enables residents on a block to request measures to reduce mid-block speeding and increase street safety. The upcoming deadline for applications is June 28th.

Complete information and applications (three languages) available here:

Different types of traffic calming are appropriate on different types of streets – most often it involves physical safety improvements such as speed humps, speed cushions, speed tables, raised crosswalks, median islands, traffic circles, changes to lane widths, and lane shifting. These measures have been proven to reduce speeding and increase safety.

SFMTA: Sunnyside bike-share stations

On May 17, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency meeting will consider for approval two Ford GoBike stations for Sunnyside, at Gennessee at Monterey and on Judson near Gennessee (marked on map with yellow spots). Additional stations to complete the network have yet to find locations.

View whole FordGoBike expansion map here. 



The Judson station will take four parking places. The Gennessee station will not take any parking places, just a portion of a very wide sidewalk.

To complete the station network locally, two additional stations are needed for the neighborhood, in the area of eastern Sunnyside where there are no markers on the map above–between the two proposed stations and the already installed station at Glen Park BART. Any station in these areas will remove three parking spaces. Continue reading “SFMTA: Sunnyside bike-share stations”

New signal equipment on Frida Kahlo Way

For everyone who has waited at red lights on Frida Kahlo Way when there are no cars crossing the intersection, this is good news: SFMTA’s Signal Shop workers have installed new equipment to replace the broken detectors (did they ever work?) which have meant inefficient and frustrating experiences for drivers over the last few years.

SFMTA’s Mark Dreger, who is heading up the Ocean Avenue Safety Project, met recently with members of the SNA Balboa Reservoir Committee, and got an earful about the miseries of Frida Kahlo Way. He got this feedback to the right people, and the problem was fixed this week. The system will be getting the kinks worked out initally.

Feedback about Frida Kahlo Way? Contact SNA at and we’ll make sure you are heard.