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Groundwater Supply Project

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Groundwater has long been an essential part of our state’s water supply. Most Californians depend on it, and have been doing so safely for generations. Read more about how SFPUC is using groundwater in SF’s supply:

Are You Prepared?

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Ensure you have essential supplies and have a plan with your loved ones so you know what to do in an emergency. Test your emergency preparedness IQ in our quiz and share your results to win a I ♥ SF water bottle!        (more…)

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Balboa Reservoir Project in the news this week, after three developers were chosen to present plans:

For more about the project, click the tab at the top ‘Balboa Reservoir Project.’

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From SF Planning Dept:  

Greetings Members of the Balboa community,

We are writing to provide you with a few brief updates on the Balboa Reservoir.


The next Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting date has been advanced to Monday, March 13, 2017 at the normal time and location: 6:15pm at City College MUB Room 140. We will focus on expanding community outreach to ensure broad and inclusive attendance at a future meeting for prospective developers (see above) to present their visions for the Balboa Reservoir. The meeting’s agenda is posted online at h We encourage your input on the question of broad, inclusive community engagement. In preparation for Monday, please consider the following questions:

  • Which groups or communities should we make sure to engage?
  • How can we ensure that they are informed and able to participate?


An evaluation panel made up of City staff from SFPUC, OEWD, the Planning Department, SFMTA, and MOHCD, as well as representatives of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee and City College of San Francisco, have concluded the Balboa Reservoir RFQ process. We were delighted to receive nine responses from a diverse and thoughtful group of potential partners. The following three RFQ respondent teams (listed alphabetically) received the three highest scores and are invited to submit development proposals: (more…)

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The next meeting of the Balboa Reservoir Project Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) is Monday March 13, 2017. The topic is: Outreach and public review of developer. More about the meeting here.  All concerned community members are welcome at these meetings.

This important new development, right next to Sunnyside, will have a big impact on the neighborhood. More about the Balboa Reservoir Project here.  Community participation has been a part of the project from early on — and you can be involved and help determine the direction of that development.

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From SFPUC: Currents Jan-Feb 2017

Updates to Your Bill


With Fractional Billing, we are excited to announce your bill will now reflect every cubic foot of water used! Find out more

Get Your Free Toilet

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Now is the time to check and clear your adoptee, before the rain that’s on its way. If you haven’t yet got your own pet drain (or is that custodianship?), find out more about the SFPUC program. So far, well over 30 Sunnyside drains have been adopted. Here’s a recent SF Chronicle article about the program.

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From: SFPUC: Recycle your cooking oil, water taste issue, free toilets, and more

Brighten up the holidays with clean and renewable energy! With the most wonderful time of the year approaching, you now have the choice to make a difference with CleanPowerSF.

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About Recent Water Taste & Odor Issues
This month customers in San Francisco began experiencing taste and odor issues with their tap water. The water is safe to drink, but if you want to find out all the details including what the source of the issue is and what mitigation measures we are taking, please click here or the “Learn More” button below.

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