Traffic calming for your block

SFMTA’s traffic-calming program enables residents on a block to request measures to reduce mid-block speeding and increase street safety. The upcoming deadline for applications is June 28th.

Complete information and applications (three languages) available here:

Different types of traffic calming are appropriate on different types of streets – most often it involves physical safety improvements such as speed humps, speed cushions, speed tables, raised crosswalks, median islands, traffic circles, changes to lane widths, and lane shifting. These measures have been proven to reduce speeding and increase safety.


SFMTA: Sunnyside bike-share stations

On May 17, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency meeting will consider for approval two Ford GoBike stations for Sunnyside, at Gennessee at Monterey and on Judson near Gennessee (marked on map with yellow spots). Additional stations to complete the network have yet to find locations.

View whole FordGoBike expansion map here. 



The Judson station will take four parking places. The Gennessee station will not take any parking places, just a portion of a very wide sidewalk.

To complete the station network locally, two additional stations are needed for the neighborhood, in the area of eastern Sunnyside where there are no markers on the map above–between the two proposed stations and the already installed station at Glen Park BART. Any station in these areas will remove three parking spaces. Continue reading “SFMTA: Sunnyside bike-share stations”

Who ya gonna call? SF311 at your service

See something that shouldn’t be there or needs fixing? SF311 it!

SF311 offers a quick one-stop way to get the City to pay attention to all sorts of problems on streets and parks, such as: Dumped furniture, boxes or bags of garbage, toxic liquids, dead animals, downed trees, dangerous powerlines, graffiti’d signs, blocked sidewalks, broken pavement, abandoned cars, broken streetlights, overflowing trashcans, public park issues  — anything unwanted, broken, or unsafe in the public realm.

There are several options for using SF311:



Calling Storm Drain Adopters in Sunnyside

The rains aren’t finished yet. San Francisco Water Power Sewer’s Adopt-a-Drain program counts on local heroes to prevent flooding due to blocked storm drains. Anyone can join the program. Register or view the map here.

Sunnysiders have stepped up — the adoption rate on our streets is over three times the rate overall in the city.* However, there are many still left to adopt. Three storm drains in particular have been flagged by SFPUC as needing care at Foerster and Monterey.

From this online map. Image: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association
From this online map. Image: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

Message from SFPUC for drain adopters:

Dear Drain Hero,

April showers mean our storm drains will continue working hard taking in rainwater. To help keep the drains clear, today is a great day to quickly check on your adopted drains as we’re expecting a little bit more rain on Friday and through the weekend. Clearing debris from your adopted drain before the storm will help keep our sewer system running smoothly.

A few reminders before you clear your drain:

  • Please never attempt to remove the drain grate.
  • Clear from the sidewalk, not the street.
  • Wear reflective clothing so drivers can see you.
  • Always wear gloves, use a rake, broom, or shovel – not your hands – and be careful of sharp objects.
  • Having fun clearing your drain? Take and post a photo or a video and tag us on social media with @sfwater #sfsewer #adoptadrain.

Continue reading “Calling Storm Drain Adopters in Sunnyside”

One Stop Sign Proposed for Judson at Frida Kahlo

An item on the SFMTA board of directors meeting agenda for March 19: “ESTABLISH – STOP SIGN – Judson Avenue, eastbound, at Frida Kahlo Way”. Read the full agenda here.

This dangerous intersection was recently brought to the attention of the SFMTA by one Sunnyside resident, through SNA, and MTA responded promptly that they would address the situation.

This one stop sign will be placed where the 500 Block of Judson meets Frida Kahlo. This however does not address the safety issue at the main intersection, where there are no stop signs or crosswalks to allow pedestrians to safely cross fast automobile traffic on either Frida Kahlo Way or Judson Ave.  City College is on one side and Archbishop Riordan High School on the other.

Proposed placement of stop sign, Judson Ave and Frida Kahlo Way.