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The next meeting of the Balboa Reservoir Project Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) is tonight Monday March 13, 2017, 6:15pm. The topic is: Outreach and public review of developer. More about the meeting here.  All concerned community members are welcome at these meetings.

This important new development, right next to Sunnyside, will have a big impact on the neighborhood. More about the Balboa Reservoir Project here.  Community participation has been a part of the project from early on — and you can be involved and help determine the direction of that development.

Area impacted by Balboa Reservoir Project. Image: (Feb13 2017)

Area impacted by Balboa Reservoir Project. Image: (Feb13 2017)


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On Friday March 17, 2017, the voting opens for this year’s slate of Participatory Budgeting options. There will be many projects on the slate for District 7.

To vote, please visit here on or after Friday Mar 17, 2017:

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has been working behind the scenes to make sure that there is one budget item that would implement several pedestrian-safety improvements in our neighborhood:

Pedestrian Safety Improvements for Sunnyside Streets – Cost: $120,000
These proposed pedestrian safety improvements, including strategic stop signs, marked crosswalks, and other measures to promote visibility, directly address specific danger spots in Sunnyside and will substantially increase the pedestrian safety. These improvements were assembled with the input of local residents and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Also on the ballot are local projects that can improve our quality of life. We need your votes to ensure Sunnyside receives funding for those improvements and projects.

Voting is open until March 31, 2017.

PB_2017  (more…)

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A chance for you to help bring City money to Sunnyside for projects like pedestrian safety and community art is coming soon. On March 17, 2017 the voting opens on this year’s array of choices. This page is where it will happen:


SNA President Stephen Martinpinto is on the PB committee, and has helped craft a package of ped safety improvements for the neighborhood that incorporates the requests of numerous local residents. There is a quarter of a million dollars available for ped safety alone, and SNA hopes we can bring some of that money to Sunnyside.

More later!


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Residents in Sunnyside with tight space to maneuver into the driveway may be tempted to paint their own curbs red …

But this isn’t legal, and SFMTA will paint over it at some point.

Do it the legal way: any resident can get an eligible curb-cut painted by contacting SFMTA: This is how they look when SFMTA does it:

More info:

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The Balboa Reservoir Project is a major development right next to Sunnyside. Read more background here. Local residents  have participated during the development process through the Community Advisory Committee, which met again last Monday. Under discussion was the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan, formulated to address issues raised by the proposed development related to changes in congestion, traffic, parking, and transit use. Input by residents is part of developing that plan (see below for your opportunity to weigh in).

Click here for the TDM presentation slideshow (40 slides).

Present at the meeting were several SNA members and Sunnyside residents, including SNA president Stephen Martinpinto. The representatives from SF Planning listened to extensive comments from them. These included specific suggestions about addressing the Bart-to-CCSF  transit issue by putting in place a shuttle, such as is seen at other college campuses close to train/Bart stations. As well, concerns were raised regarding the impact on local residents by CCSF students seeking parking spaces that are currently provided by the parking lot on the Reservoir site. Read  written comments from BRCAC members here (PDF).

Oral comments included: SNA president Stephen Martinpinto stressed to the representatives of SF Planning that transit plans will have a big impact on the outcome of the development, and that bold plans like undergrounding the K line might be called for. He also suggested that CCSF encourage student attendance at satellite campuses to relieve congestion at the Ocean Campus. SNA vice-president Chris Coghlan expressed concerns about the total amount of contiguous park space called for by the Principles and Parameters [PDF] document, which was crafted by the BRCAC to guide developers; he called for a larger amount than the recommended 1.5 acres (as part of 4 acres total park space) designated by the guidelines in the parameters. Additional written comments about the TDM were also submitted by Sunnyside resident Alvin Ja in January (PDF).

If you are a Sunnyside resident who has comments or suggestions regarding the TDM presentation linked above, please contact:

  • Jeremy Shaw, SF Planning Dept.,, 415-575-9135


News about proposals

The initial phase of the process of finding a developer for the site started in November 2016 with the Requests for Qualifications (links below). The developers chosen from those submissions are to be announced on Friday Mar 10, 2017.

Their proposed ideas will then be available to be viewed and commented on by the public, including any and all interested Sunnyside residents.

Links and articles:



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Now that’s the way to get across Monterey Boulevard at Edna Street…

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The Community Advisory Committee on improvements to the Balboa Park Bart Station is meeting Tuesday Jan 24. More here:


Tim Chan,  Manager of Planning for Bart, will be discussing  the BART passenger drop off and pick up facility as it relates to the Upper Yard Development Project, including various options and impacts, and the analysis, findings and recommendations of a recent study.


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