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From Supervisor Yee’s Office and SFMTA.


Speed hump and zebra crosswalk. Photo: SFMTA

SFMTA’s Residential Traffic Calming Program is a resident-directed, annual application-based program to address mid-block speeding on residential streets in San Francisco, and we are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 program.

The deadline for submitting completed applications and petitions for the 2018-2019 traffic calming program is June 30, 2018.    (more…)

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As part of the pedestrian safety improvements resulting from the Participatory Budgeting grant that Sunnyside won in 2017, several changes have been made around the neighborhood, and are still in progress. This crosswalk was identified as a hazardous crossing, for both pedestrians and cars–there are stop signs only for traffic on Hearst Ave.

SFMTA rejected the request by SNA and Sunnyside neighbors to install a four-way stop here. Instead they have just completed a striped crosswalk for increased visibility.


New crosswalk, Hearst and Gennessee. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Although there are special signs to warn cars on Gennessee to yield to pedestrians, the sign for north-bound cars is completely obscured, rendering it useless.


Looking north, Hearst and Gennessee. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.


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The developer team for the Balboa Reservoir housing project are holding a series of community engagement events. Previously the walk to the Balboa Park Station was addressed. On Next is a tour of affordable housing already built by BRIDGE Housing–so participants can see what it is like, in anticipation of what will be built at the Balboa Reservoir site.

Join the Balboa Reservoir Community Tour of SF affordable housing

The Balboa Reservoir development team invites you to take a free, guided tour of the BRIDGE Housing and Mission Housing portfolios! Get a first-hand view of the role BRIDGE Housing and Mission Housing Development Corporation play in building, preserving and managing the affordable housing stock of San Francisco.

Saturday June 9, 2018. 1:00-4:00 PM. 

Registation is necessary. Pre-registration required; limited seats available. Click to learn more, and to register

Community_tour_BRP_2018_06_09.jpgThe free tour visits several BRIDGE Housing and Mission Housing properties located throughout San Francisco. The tour will also drive by the sites of future BRIDGE Housing and Mission Housing developments.

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Workers from the Dept of Public Works have been weeding all along the Monterey Boulevard median this week, with weed whackers and by hand.


DPW workers weeding the planted median area, Monterey Blvd. Photo: Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.

Monterey_DPW3_2018_05_ (more…)

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From SPUR: a lunchtime talk about the Balboa Reservoir Project this Thursday May 31.

SF.Streetsblog account of the talk:

Bringing Homes to Balboa Reservoir

12:30 p.m. | Thursday, May 31, 2018
Located on a 17-acre parcel close to a BART and Muni Metro station, City College and other amenities, the Balboa Reservoir is an important site for new mixed-income housing in San Francisco. As part of the city’s Public Land for Housing program, a development team was recently selected to create up to 1,100 homes, a 2-acre central park and several mini-parks, childcare and more on the site. Join us to hear about the project’s vision, timeline and the next steps in the process.
+ Kevin Griffith / BRIDGE Housing Corporation
+ Joe Kirchofer / Avalon Bay
+ Emily Lesk / San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development
+ Jeremy Shaw / San Francisco Planning Department


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The proposed changes to the Residential Parking Program may be of interest to Sunnysiders living in proximity to the proposed Balboa Reservoir housing project, as implementing parking permits may be part of future solutions to parking impacts due to the project’s new residents. Comment may be made at the meeting or by email (link at end).

SFMTA To Consider Residential Permit Parking Reforms On June 5, 2018

At its June 5th meeting, the SFMTA Board of Directors will consider proposed changes to San Francisco’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program. The meeting will be held at San Francisco City Hall (Room 400) @ 1 P.M. 

The SFMTA recently completed a comprehensive evaluation of the program, which combined extensive data collection and analysis with a robust public engagement process. As part of this evaluation, the SFMTA conducted more than a dozen community workshops, six open houses and meetings with neighborhood and business associations throughout the city to solicit community feedback about a range of possible reform measures.

 The list of proposed RPP Program changes to the Transportation Code are: (more…)

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SFMTA Engineering Public Hearing on June 1, 2018 at City Hall has on the agenda speed humps for the 200 block of Joost Ave. More info and agenda:


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