Quick response by City on stolen stop sign

Last weekend, a stop sign disappeared from the corner of Hearst and Edna. Notified by neighbors, the Dept of Public Works replaced the sign on this busy school corner promptly on Monday morning.

New stop sign, Hearst and Edna, Feb 10, 2020.

But they forgot the “One-Way” sign on top, to prevent cars turning the wrong way into a narrow section of Edna. The problem was addressed quickly once again, early on Tuesday morning.  Continue reading “Quick response by City on stolen stop sign”

Rain means it’s Adopt-a-Drain season

Many Sunnyside residents participate in the Adopt-a-Drain program from SFPUC. Now is the time to give your pet storm-drain some attention. Message from SFPUC:

Rain is expected to start Tuesday, November 26 and may continue through the next few days in San Francisco. The best time to clear leaves and litter from your adopted drain is prior to rain.

A few reminders before you roll up your sleeves and get to work:

  • Clear from the sidewalk, not the street.
  • Please never attempt to remove the drain grate.
  • Wear reflective clothing so drivers can see you.
  • Always wear gloves, use a rake or broom or a trash grabber – not your hands, and be careful of sharp objects.
  • If you see a badly-clogged drain that you can’t clear, please report it to 311 online at sf311.org , on the app for Android and iPhone, or by calling 3-1-1.

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Balboa Reservoir Community Meeting on Monday Sept 30

The Balboa reservoir Community Advisory Committee meets on Monday Sept 30th, 6-8 PM, at City College Multi-Use Building, Room 140, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco. Public comment is welcome at these meetings.

The meeting focus is on Transportation. The annual report of the committee will be discussed. View the agenda here: https://sfplanning.org/sites/default/files/agendas/2019-09/balboareservoir_CAC_Agenda_09-30-19.pdf

Read more about the project at the SF Planning Dept: https://sfplanning.org/project/balboa-reservoir

Read more about the project on the SNA website: https://sunnysideassociation.wordpress.com/balboa-reservoir-project/ 

View the whole document from the June meeting here: http://default.sfplanning.org/plans-and-programs/planning-for-the-city/public-sites/balboareservoir/balboareservoir_CAC_CPC_Informational-061319.pdf
View the whole document from the June meeting here: http://default.sfplanning.org/plans-and-programs/planning-for-the-city/public-sites/balboareservoir/balboareservoir_CAC_CPC_Informational-061319.pdf

I-280 Freeway meets Sunnyside: Have your say about conditions

Running all along Sunnyside’s southeastern edge is the Interstate 280 freeway, a part of the neighborhood environment at many points since the freeway was built in 1964. Now CalTrans, the state highway agency, is offering the public an opportunity to tell them about situations in San Francisco where pedestrians interact with freeway infrastructure and conditions are unsafe or inhospitable.

Where is it unsafe? What is your experience? Submit your story here: https://streetstory.berkeley.edu/

Read more about the program: https://www.sfcta.org/blogs/help-make-some-san-franciscos-busiest-streets-safer-pedestrians


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Balboa Reservoir Environmental Impact Report now available for public comment

Just published, the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Balboa Reservoir housing project. Public comment may be submitted until September 23. The SF Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the review on September 12 at 1:00 PM (Room 400, City Hall).

Draft SEIR is available here: https://sfplanning.org/environmental-review-documents There are 13 PDFs with all the appendices, but the second item on the list is the main report, 486 pages (46MB).

Hard copies and CDs may be obtained from the San Francisco Planning Dept Information Counter, 1660 Mission Street, First Floor, San Francisco.

Hard copies and CDs may also be obtained by contacting:
Jeanie Poling, Senior Environmental Planner, SF Planning Dept

Public comment may submitted:

  • By mail (address below)
  • By email to CPC.BalboaReservoir@sfgov.org
  • In person (on paper) at the public hearing before the Planning Commission on Sept 12.
  • In person (by oral comments) at the Planning Commission hearing Sept 12. Check agenda of Commission meeting to see when item is being heard here (after Sept 6).

Address for mailed comments:
Jeanie Poling
Senior Planner, San Francisco Planning Department
1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 575-9072

Following the public comment period, Planning Department staff will review the comments and prepare a responses to comments document. The draft SEIR and the responses to comments document will be the final SEIR. [Anticipated in Spring 2020.] 

To read more about the framework of what the EIR addresses regarding environmental effects, see this document http://sfmea.sfplanning.org/2018-10-10_NOP_Final_clean_signed.pdf

Or this slide presentation: http://default.sfplanning.org/plans-and-programs/planning-for-the-city/public-sites/balboareservoir/balboares_061019_presentation01_EIR.pdf

Could your street be a Play Street?

From Play Streets SF:

Transform your block into a car-free temporary park!

Applications are now open for the 2019 season of Play Streets SF at SFPlayStreets.org, Livable City’s newest program that empowers San Francisco residents to transform their own street on a regular basis into an accessible, car-free open space for children, seniors and neighbors to connect.

With a mission to create healthier, more connected and resilient communities, Play Streets SF provides residents and local organizing teams with the tools needed to reclaim their street for community health and connection – from hassle-free permitting to free safety equipment, outreach tools, and play equipment.

How It Works 

Resources and FAQs 


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June 10: Balboa Reservoir community meeting — EIR and City College plans

The next meeting of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee (BRCAC) is Monday June 10, 6-8pm, Room 140, Multi-Use Building, City College of San Francisco, 50 Frida Kahlo Way. The agenda will include discussion of the draft Environmental Impact Review for the project, and an update from City College about plans for adjacent development. Everyone is welcome and there is always a public comment period.

View full agenda here. More about the housing project and the BRCAC here or click tab at top of this page.

Below are a selection of slides from the March 11 BRCAC meeting, showing the current developer plans. View the entire presentation here.   Continue reading “June 10: Balboa Reservoir community meeting — EIR and City College plans”