Photos from the 2021 Holiday Party and Concert

Last Saturday SNA held its first in-person event in the Covid era, the Third Annual(ish) Holiday Party and Concert at Sunnyside Conservatory. Photos below.

The event featured locally sourced entertainment: the Sunnyside Winds performed Dvorak Wind Serenade by Dvorak, brought to us by Carol Yarbrough; Ian Ratzer’s Hearst Avenue All-Stars, a jazz quartet, played seasonal numbers; and local performer Valerie Façhman, sang and played fiddle with Madeleine Muzio.

Special thanks to Richard Goldman who graciously volunteered to check vax cards at the door; Andrea O’Leary for delicious tarts in absentia; Claudia O’Callaghan for her Sunnyside Squares, Bill Wilson for being the official press photog; and many others who pitched in in different ways to help make it an enjoyable event.

Spring Concert at Sunnyside Conservatory on March 7

Come join the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association in its continued support of San Francisco neighborhood musicians and composers.

Date: Saturday March 7th, 2020
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Sunnyside Conservatory, 236 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco

The Strauss Horn Concerto No. 2 was written in 1941, premiered in the US in 1948–and now premieres at the Sunnyside Conservatory, performed by hornist Alex Strachan and pianist Jason Oestenstad. Continue reading “Spring Concert at Sunnyside Conservatory on March 7”

CANCELLED: Something wicked good this way comes: MacBeth at Sunnyside Conservatory

[Update Mar 7: This performance is cancelled and will be rescheduled later.]

All are invited to attend William Shakespeare’s MACBETH, performed by San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s touring troupe, Shakespeare On Tour. Sunday March 8th, 2020 at 2 PM. Admission free. This is the fifth year of Shakespeare at the Sunnyside Conservatory. Sponsored by Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.


You won’t want to miss this thrilling tale of misguided ambition and its consequences! A trio of mysterious witches predicts that Macbeth will become King… but at what cost?


His irrational desire to become ruler through any means possible results in his inevitable downfall as he begins a journey of betrayal and deceit that ends tragically for himself and Scotland.

At the end of this hour-long production the cast will take questions from the audience.

Click here for a synopsis of the play (PDF).  Continue reading “CANCELLED: Something wicked good this way comes: MacBeth at Sunnyside Conservatory”