23-Monterey due to be fully restored in 2022

Sunnyside’s Muni crosstown connection, the 23-Monterey, was suspended during the first year of Covid, and then only partially restored later, with a terminus in West Portal.

Now SFMTA has announced that in March 2022, this route, which connects Bayview to Ocean Beach and the SF Zoo by way of Sunnyside, will return to its original full length.

Photo by MuniDave on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/munidave/10478897466

Bus Service Restored on 23-Monterey and 36-Teresita Lines

As of today, Muni has restored bus service on two lines that serve Sunnyside, the 23-Monterey and the 36-Teresita.

The 36-Teresita returns to the level of service before the drastic Covid-related cuts of April 2020, and the 23-Monterey returns as a shortened line. It will no longer go out to the San Francisco Zoo or Ocean Beach, instead going to West Portal. The other bus line serving Sunnyside, the 43-Masonic, was restored in June 2020 but has been shortened (full info here).

The 23-Monterey will no longer serve destinations west of St Francis, such as the San Francisco Zoo and Ocean Beach. https://www.sfmta.com/routes/23-monterey-shortened
The 23-Monterey will no longer serve destinations west of St Francis, such as the San Francisco Zoo and Ocean Beach. SFMTA. https://www.sfmta.com/routes/23-monterey-shortened

Muni Announces New Bus Route for Sunnyside Connections

Muni has has announced that starting May 15, a new bus route will serve parts of Sunnyside. The new line, called the 36/52-Special, means the return of portions of two routes that were suspended during Covid-19 core service. It combines parts of 36-Teresita and 52-Excelsior, and operates in loops between Forest Hill Station and Sunnyside. The new line marks the return of the second of the three routes that Sunnyside lost during Covid-19 changes; the 43-Masonic was restored several months ago, but the 23-Monterey remains suspended.


The new line will operate from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. The map shows arrows going only clockwise, but the line also operates counterclockwise. There is an extra loop up Clarendon for the clockwise route.

Here is the Muni page for the new bus. Here is a full description of the route:

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Balboa Reservoir Project Approved by SF Board of Supervisors

This week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave the final approval for the Balboa Reservoir Project, the housing development planned for the Upper Balboa Reservoir located south of Sunnyside next to City College. The project will have 1100 units of housing, including 550 units of affordable housing, about 100 market-rate houses, 150 units for educators, a central two-acre park, childcare facilities, a community room for public use, and other features. View slides from the Design Standard and Guidelines (PDF) at the end of this post.

The western portion of the Balboa Reservoir, slated for development, which has been used as CCSF parking for decades. Photo courtesy SF Housing Action Coalition.
The western portion of the Balboa Reservoir, slated for development, which has been used as CCSF parking for six decades. Photo courtesy SF Housing Action Coalition.

The approval marks the end of a five-year-long process that encompassed regular community engagement. SNA and Sunnyside residents regularly participated in meetings of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee.  The committee was initiated in 2015 by President Norman Yee, supervisor for District 7 where the site is located.

Read an archive of posts about the Balboa Reservoir Project on this website here. Links to news articles found below.

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Changes for businesses and transit during Covid-19 reopening

UPDATE, June 26: Hair salons, barbers, indoor dining, outdoor bars, outdoor pools, indoor museums WILL NOT be opening on Monday June 29th. The City has given no new date has been given for these types of businesses to reopen.

Several changes have come into effect, or soon will, related to Covid-19 restrictions.


Muni Service: As of Saturday June 13th, the 43-Masonic began running, but the northern terminus will be Masonic and Geary. Read more about other lines re-starting here. 

As of Monday July 15th, SFMTA began enforcing street-sweeping violations by parked cars.

Businesses and services:

As of Friday June 12th, restaurants began to operate with outdoor dining. Details here. Also in D7 Supervisor Yee’s newsletter here.

As of Monday June 15th, the following are allowed: non-emergency medical appointments, private indoor services like house-cleaners, indoor retail, manufacturing (with limits). Anyone who can still work from home is asked to continue doing so. Also allowed: Summer camps (with limits), religious gatherings, and pro sports with no spectators present. Read more here. 

As of Monday June 29th, the following will be allowed to operate: Hair salons, barbers, outdoor bars, outdoor pools, indoor museums. Read more here.  Also this SF Examiner article. 

Article about delay in reopening schedule [June 26]: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/06/26/reopening-setback-sf-june-29-openings-delayed-hair-salons-barbers-zoos-museums/

[Update: this stage of re-opening has also been delayed (July 7)]: As of Monday July 13th [PENDING STATE APPROVAL], indoor dining and real estate open houses will be allowed.Read more here. 


Unfortunately, at this time there is no announcement about the reopening of SF Public Libraries. The word is that there will first be a curbside pickup program, and then a reopening of a few branches. Meanwhile, your hardworking librarians are doing service as Covid-19 contact tracers. Read more here (KQED).

For households with young children, the Library has a Dial-a-Story program, now with video: More here.