RVs on Circular Avenue – Letter from Supervisor Melgar’s office

The following message is from D7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar’s office.

Dear Sunnyside Neighbors,

We have been receiving numerous phone calls from Sunnyside neighbors about the RVs parked on Circular Avenue. So I would like to address you publicly as a group. 

As soon as we heard the complaint, we reached out to the Homeless Services Department to make contact with the RV dwellers and also the Dept of Public Works to check on the cleanliness of the area. We just learned that they overlooked our email back in early February, but scheduled an outreach visit as of 2/24/22 and would keep us updated. We are awaiting a status report of what both departments experienced. During the pandemic, the SFMTA Board of Directors voted to suspend overnight parking rules in reaction to the hardships that the pandemic caused as people lost their jobs and housing. The shelter system was also stressed due to a need for social distancing and limited options.

Our district has the second highest population of residents living in cars behind District 10.  For perspective there are 140 vehicles near Lake Merced that we need to find permanent solutions for along with RVs also scattered in more residential neighborhoods. Simply pushing the RVs to another neighborhood does not solve the crisis.You may have read about the Vehicle Stabilization Center in Bayview, but that site filled up instantly and still left out many of D10’s RV population. Our office has been desperately trying to establish a similar site in our district that could host RV dwellers and connect them with more permanent services. The logistics of finding unused space large enough and with infrastructure that can support the community has been a difficult one. We must coordinate many different departments each with their own concerns in making it viable. But rest assured our office will not give up.

Living in your vehicle is different from what we classically think of as “homelessness.” Our current homeless service system is not designed to address this growing population. Many of the folks living in vehicles in District 7 are families with children. If your vehicle is your transportation, your shelter, and your child’s home, you aren’t going to want to readily give it up to accept entry into an emergency shelter where you will sleep on the floor with your children. Your RV is your most important asset and is what is keeping you and/or your family from sleeping on the street. Many roads have led people to where they are, and there is no one solution will fit all, but I acknowledge that this is a dilemma which affects us all. 

It is the goal of the D7 office to find permanent housing for RV dwellers, to free up the right-of-way and support the health of the neighborhoods.  Two years ago, the voters of San Francisco approved additional funding to include this population, and we are optimistic that these resources will lead to programming and resources that are specifically targeted and effective. 


Myrna Melgar

If you need assistance with anything, please contact our office at melgarstaff@sfgov.org and we will try our very best to assist you.

Bus Service Restored on 23-Monterey and 36-Teresita Lines

As of today, Muni has restored bus service on two lines that serve Sunnyside, the 23-Monterey and the 36-Teresita.

The 36-Teresita returns to the level of service before the drastic Covid-related cuts of April 2020, and the 23-Monterey returns as a shortened line. It will no longer go out to the San Francisco Zoo or Ocean Beach, instead going to West Portal. The other bus line serving Sunnyside, the 43-Masonic, was restored in June 2020 but has been shortened (full info here).

The 23-Monterey will no longer serve destinations west of St Francis, such as the San Francisco Zoo and Ocean Beach. https://www.sfmta.com/routes/23-monterey-shortened
The 23-Monterey will no longer serve destinations west of St Francis, such as the San Francisco Zoo and Ocean Beach. SFMTA. https://www.sfmta.com/routes/23-monterey-shortened

Muni Announces New Bus Route for Sunnyside Connections

Muni has has announced that starting May 15, a new bus route will serve parts of Sunnyside. The new line, called the 36/52-Special, means the return of portions of two routes that were suspended during Covid-19 core service. It combines parts of 36-Teresita and 52-Excelsior, and operates in loops between Forest Hill Station and Sunnyside. The new line marks the return of the second of the three routes that Sunnyside lost during Covid-19 changes; the 43-Masonic was restored several months ago, but the 23-Monterey remains suspended.


The new line will operate from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. The map shows arrows going only clockwise, but the line also operates counterclockwise. There is an extra loop up Clarendon for the clockwise route.

Here is the Muni page for the new bus. Here is a full description of the route:

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June 9: Special SNA Senior Transportation Meeting

SNA is holding a special online meeting focused on current transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Tuesday June 9th, 5-6 PM, via Zoom. Meeting link BELOW.

The meeting includes a short presentation by Cathy DeLuca of Community Living Campaign (CLC) followed by a question-and-answer time. Cathy has been working for safe streets in the city for many years, and is now bringing her knowledge and passion to CLC in service of seniors. Hosted by SNA President Kenneth Hollenbeck. CLC is the organization behind Sunnyside Community Connectors. More about the meeting:

How to Get Around During COVID-19 for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Getting around San Francisco is challenging for seniors and people with disabilities in the best of times, but during the COVID crisis, it’s hard to keep track of what the options are. Join Cathy DeLuca from Community Living Campaign to hear the latest about all your transportation options, including Muni, the Essential Trip Card program, Paratransit, and more!

Meeting information: SNA Senior Transportation Meeting
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Muni update: Some service to be restored

Later this week, some additional Muni service will be restored, increases on Covid-19 cuts earlier this month.

Visit this page for details about which lines will see increased service and why. https://www.sfmta.com/blog/muni-updates-restoring-some-our-service

Sunnyside’s local buses (23, 36, 43) remain out of service for now.

Updated service map, in effect Sat Apr 25: