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Some news about tree care from Friends of the Urban Forest.

The Biophile: Who you gonna call?

As of July 1 the City of San Francisco has taken over responsibility for the care and maintenance of all street trees and repair of tree-related sidewalk damage. But individual tree lovers can still play a role in keeping our urban forest healthy and safe.


As you walk around the city, you may occasionally notice a sidewalk buckled by tree roots; a broken or unstable branch; a low branch interfering with pedestrians or street traffic; a diseased, dying, or dead tree; a tree basin that’s empty or has a stump where a new tree can be planted; or failing hardware (such as broken stakes) around a young tree. Report it!


You can call the City’s Bureau of Urban Forestryat 415-554-6700 or email them at

Or you can contact SF311, the City’s customer service department, by calling 311 from any phone that has a number in the 415 area code (otherwise call them at 415-701-2311).  You can also use the SF311 app on any smartphone.  Or go to the “new request” page on their website, scroll to “Tree Maintenance,” and click “Service Request.”


If you see a problem with a young tree (under about 15’ high) that we planted (you can tell because our logo appears on stickers on the supporting crossbraces), contact the Tree Care Hotline at Friends of the Urban Forest at 415-268-0774 or



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From DPW, In the Works newsletter — including items about street trees and Ocean Avenue.

Read In the Works now!

You can also download a PDF for offline reading. Find the icon in the menu bar.
Welcome to this month’s edition of our newsletter!  We hope you will take the time to look at the exciting projects and daily services that we strive to deliver to San Francisco: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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A recent issue of “In The Works,” a magazine from the Dept of Public Works, contained some information about tree care from the City now that Prop E is in effect.

The magazine (which utilizes Flash) is available here. For your convenience, here is the page about tree care from that publication. The links in the image follow.


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Proposition E passed past November, and took affect last week. The city is now responsible for the care of street trees and the damage they do to sidewalks. What does it mean for residents? Read up at these links.


Frequently Asked Questions from Dept of Public Works about tree care and tree removal:      (more…)

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Friends of the Urban Forest is planting again in Sunnyside. Get a tree in your front yard or at the curb. Applications are due Wed Apr 5, 2017. The tree-planting day is scheduled for Sat May 13, 2017. Complete information and applications here:

Want to see who’s got a tree and who’s got an empty spot that could have a tree? Check out this cool new map:



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Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) are taking applications for the next tree-planting day in Sunnyside, which is scheduled for Sat May 13, 2017. Get a new tree in your yard or at the curb. Applications are due by Wed March 29, 2017.

Complete information here:


fuf_sunnyside_2017_02_27 (more…)

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Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) are doing another tree-planting on May 13, 2017. The deadline for reserving yours is March 29, 2017.

FUF_sunnyside_2017_02_27.png (more…)

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