Join Ingleside Police Station and your neighbors for National Night Out is Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022.

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes community partnerships and neighborhood comradery with the goal of creating safer and stronger neighborhoods. Every first Tuesday night in August we invite neighborhoods to host block parties that feature music, cookouts, contests, youth events, and visits from emergency personnel.

Ingleside Station
Herz Playground @ 1701 Visitacion Avenue
5:00 PM-7:00 PM


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LAGUNA HONDA HOSPITAL LATEST UPDATES We have just received news that the transfer of patients will be paused at the Laguna Honda Hospital. The federal government has agreed to the cities urgent requests to reexamine the relocation policy.I am grateful that Laguna Honda patients and families can breathe a sigh of relief today. It took many anxious months of desperate pleas from patients, families, advocates, and elected officials to reverse the ill-fated decision to require relocating frail residents at Laguna Honda at great risk to them. I hope CMS will continue to do the right thing and allow vulnerable patients to continue receiving care at Laguna Honda until the recertification process is completed. We cannot lose this Hospital. It is the beacon of hope for many families who have nowhere else to go for skilled nursing. I am committed to doing everything in my power to ensure that this does not happen and we save Laguna Honda. The Board of Supervisors joins Mayor Breed, Labor leaders, the Department of Public Health and families in unifying behind our collective effort to keep Laguna Honda open to serve San Francisco. We need more skilled nursing beds for our elderly and vulnerable residents, not less, so it is critical we preserve what we have.Your letters, petitions, resolutions, and phone calls had their desired effect. Thank you for your advocacy and support and love for Laguna Honda Hospital.Supervisor Myrna Melgar

San Francisco, CA – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) terminated Laguna Honda Hospital’s participation in the Medicare and Medicaid Provider Participation Programs in April 2022. As a result, CMS required Laguna Honda to transfer or discharge all residents by mid-September.
Finding appropriate placements at a new facility is a challenge and takes time. In many cases, residents have relied on us for their healthcare for years and their continued wellbeing is our highest priority.This is an extremely challenging time for our community of residents and their families, our staff and all those who care about Laguna Honda Hospital. The transfer and discharge of residents has been challenging as many have complex healthcare needs. Yesterday, regulators agreed to the City’s urgent request to pause all transfers at Laguna Honda Hospital. Accordingly, as of today, Laguna Honda will pause the discharge and transfer of all residents. This impacts approximately 600 residents.The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) are all in agreement with decision. Laguna Honda continues to work towards recertification in the Medicare and Medicaid Provider Participation Programs.”No other city in the nation has made the commitment San Francisco has made for a public skilled nursing facility to serve its most vulnerable residents. Today’s agreement to halt all patients discharges and transfers will allow the dedicated Laguna Honda staff to focus on caring for patients and not moving them,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, Director, the San Francisco Department of Public Health“We are glad to be in agreement with CMS and CDPH and all understand that Laguna Honda residents have complex needs and that transferring them is often a challenge,” said Roland Pickens, Chief Executive Officer with the San Francisco Health Network and Interim Chief Executive Officer with Laguna Honda Hospital. ”Our staff are providing Laguna Honda residents with the best care possible while we all work towards recertification with CMS. Laguna Honda has served San Francisco’s must vulnerable residents for 150 years and we plan to do so for another 150 years.”
###Board of Supervisors | District 7 | Myrna Melgar1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 260
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 554-6516 | Fax: (415) 554-6516

Note: Staff sometimes work remote so please be patient when leaving a phone message.FacebookTwitter
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July D7 Newsletter

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The Mayor signs the 2022 Annual Budget – Jul 27, 2022Dear Neighbors,As we wrap up the Board of Supervisors’ legislative session, I have so much to share with you.  This will be a longer edition of our newsletter with budget updates, ballot measures you may see in November, and what’s happening around the district. Recovery from the pandemic has been slow. Between staff shortages, supply chain issues, extreme delays with projects and rising costs of materials — even the most basic services have deteriorated. We face serious challenges in getting San Francisco turned around. However this is not the time to wallow in excuses, but to utilize the resources we do have. The downtown core will take time to get back to its once vibrant self, but it is our local neighborhoods that have been our salvation of thriving micro-economies these past couple of years. Supporting neighborhoods is of utmost concern to me. That’s why I fought for funding in the annual budget and pushed for policy fixes to invest in the Westside –bringing back transit lines, improving walkways, bikeways, and traffic circulation so residents can move through our streets safely and efficiently. Targeted efforts and funding will help our small business corridors recover; clean up graffiti; invest in community-building events; and bolster support for families, senior services and schools.We will soon have more eyes and ears on our corridors with community ambassadors, who are trained individuals that will help support their local businesses.Be aware, the Board of Supervisors will be in August recess, however my office remains open to address constituent needs and concerns. Please call 415-554-6516or e-mail if you need our assistance. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

MyrnaTable of Newsletter Contents:The City BudgetWhat’s on the November BallotCombating GraffitiParticipatory Budget Results!Update on Laguna Honda HospitalAround the District: Inner Sunset Sundays!Muni Service Changes36 Teresita on Myra WayExpanded Grants for Small Businesses!UCSF Vaccines for ChildrenGarden for the EnvironmentdeYoung MuseumCalifornia Academy of SciencesBotanical GardenLet’s Go Giants!Save the Date! Free Addmision Days at SF Museums!Local Library ActivitiesSenior Corner THE CITY BUDGETI proudly voted on a two-year budget that balances the need to be fiscally prudent as the economy recovers yet supports the essential services that our residents need. With the pending recession, it was important to me that we restore any potential cuts to support food security and housing subsidies for families with children, seniors, and people with disabilities as well as addressing the city’s most pressing issues.

Specific to District 7, my priority was to ensure we receive our fair share of investments to our short-term recovery efforts as well as long-term initiatives:Budget Wins to Better Serve District 7:Economic Recovery for Small Businesses – Funding to support businesses recovering from disasters like fires and bringing more events to neighborhoods.Community Safety Ambassadors for Commercial Corridors – These trained individuals will help be extra eyes and ears on our commercial corridors. They will walk the corridors and make service calls to appropriate agencies and/or resources to address the matter at hand and help organize clean-up and trash pickup efforts.Clean-Up Site to Jumpstart RV Re-housing Project – The funding will establish a cleanup site for RV dwellers to prevent litter and waste around Winston and Lake Merced Blvd. This is part of our initiative to help relocate the RV community into a safer parking site and long-term housing.Strategic Planning for Re-imagine Twin Peaks Project – Twin Peaks should be a safe, gleaming prime tourist site like others in our city – this requires coordination, care, maintenance, and innovative partnerships. This funding supports a comprehensive, community-informed planning process that will be the roadmap for the long overdue improvement of this site.Commercial Graffiti Abatement – We have secured $4 million over the next two years to establish a pilot program that will allow the City to address graffiti on commercial corridors proactively, providing cost relief to small business owners and help the efforts to curb the surge that we have experienced all over the City.Participatory Budgeting – the popular District 7 Participatory Budgeting program will continue in the coming years  WHAT’S ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT?November’s ballot is going to be another packed one. The Board of Supervisors voted to move forward many Charter Amendments and Initiatives for you to vote on. I am most excited about the Student Success Fund which will provide $60 million annual to public schools for 15 years. There were also several other measures submitted by the Mayor or through community-led signature gathering petitions. Learn more here! COMBATING GRAFFITIAs part of a multi-pronged strategy to beat back the rampant wave of graffiti, the Board passed an ordinance I introduced for a pilot program to allow property owners along commercial corridors to allow Public Works to abate graffiti at no cost to them. As it stands now, private property owners are responsible for cleanup, the cost and responsibility of which is often passed down to their small business tenants. 

I am also working closely with the San Francisco Police Department and will engage the District Attorney’s office to bolster the Graffiti unit to prevent further vandalism.

In the meantime, neighbors have taken matters into their own hands to clean up their favorite streets. Here are some images of the graffiti clean up on West Portal I participated in last week. DISTRICT 7 PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING – 2022 WINNING PROJECTSThank you to everyone who participated, got out the vote, and voted for projects to be funded. 

This 2022 Participatory Budgeting (PB) was a year with many impressive proposals. Over 1270 people cast votes!This funding will be routed to the appropriate City Departments for project implementation over the next 6-8 weeks. If you submitted the application for a winning project; stay in touch withMegan Imperial from our office. Departments will assign project managers for each winning proposal for follow-up. Congratulations to this year’s winning projects!UPDATE ON LAGUNA HONDA HOSPITAL I called for a hearing along with Supervisor Peskin at the Board of Supervisors’ Government and Audit Oversight Committee to obtain a status update on the transfer and relocation of patients at Laguna Honda Hospital. The hospital lost its accreditation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on April 14, 2022. They were told to relocate 700 patients under a monitored closure plan before recertification can occur.However, news stories of deaths of frail residents after transfer have proved our worst fears about this harsh closure plan, hence the call for a hearing. There have been 4 deaths that we are aware of thus far.I have urged United States Secretary Becerra, the Director of Health and Human Services to intervene and switch course on the relocation plan. He has discretion to extend Medicare and Medicaid payments until the recertification process is completed so that residents can stay in place. Families and residents of Laguna Honda are experiencing deep anxiety over relocation which is not helped by the opaque process of CMS.  I introduced a formal Board Resolution to call on his reconsideration of this ill-fated mandate. I also introduced a Board Resolution urging California Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency, and our State Health Officer to act on that emergency by stopping the transfer of patients.  Both resolutions received unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors will hold another hearing on the recertification process on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.
Family members of patients started a petition to call on Becerra to do the right thing: Click here to SIGN this critical petition!For more information about the situation at Laguna Honda Hospital, please visit this website. If you or someone you know is a resident at Laguna Honda and needs to be connected with more information, please call our office or email 
MelgarStaff@sfgov.orgAROUND THE DISTRICT: INNER SUNSET SUNDAYS! After redistricting, the Inner Sunset and parts of Golden Gate Park south of JFK Drive are now part of District 7. We held June’s office hours at the Inner Sunset Farmers Market! 

The Inner Sunset Farmers Market occurs every Sunday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It is located in the parking lot between 9th & 8th parallel to Irving Street (1315 8th Ave). Brought to you in partnership with the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors!
Click here to learn more!

Additionally, The Inner Sunset Flea Market is an event with over 30 resident, artisan, nonprofit, and local business vendors as well as food, activities, and more (open on the second Sunday of every month). The Flea Market is located on Irving Street, between 9th and 10th Avenue, in the commercial center of the Inner Sunset, one block south of Golden Gate Park. The next Flea Market will be held on August 14th.
Numerous Muni service changes, including the return of multiple suspended routes, route modifications, and stop location changes. The SFMTA is working to build back our ridership by providing high-quality, reliable service that people can count on. To make schedules more reliable and reduce wait times and crowding, they are working to schedule service that reflects available operator staffing. This means they are only scheduling services they know they have the staff to cover.

Details for routes being returned to service and/or modified as part of the SFMTA 2022 Muni Service Network plan can be found via the link below. 

Please also consult the route maps which provides further information regarding specific route changes.

Please learn more here!
Thank you to all the riders and neighbors who took the SFMTA’s 36 Teresita on Myra Way survey. Buses have operated on this alignment for over 30 years, however, to address recent concerns, the SFMTA looked at several options to improve the safety and accessibility for buses and residents in the neighborhood.

Survey results have been shared and can be found at Based on feedback received, service will continue on Myra Way and there are no plans for parking removal at this time.
 Next steps for the SFMTA include:Remind operators that backing up is not allowed unless an inspector is present.Coordinate with Department of Public Works to address tree growth.As the agency accepts the new 30-foot buses that are equipped with rear-facing cameras, the 36 Teresita will be prioritized to receive these buses.Continue to monitor this portion of the route and reevaluate as needed.The SFMTA wants to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the 36 Teresita, so please let them know if any new concerns arise.
 NEW EXPANDED GRANTS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES! San Francisco’s Office of Small Business has recently increased their grant programs! They are now offering help with storefront improvements including design consultation and servicesconstruction grants, and accessible barrier removalLearn more and apply here!UCSF VACCINES FOR CHILDREN AGES 6 MONTHS TO 4 YEARS OLD! UCSF has begun vaccinating children ages 6 months and older at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Appointments are strongly recommended but not required.Your child does not need to be an existing UCSF patient to receive a vaccination.Click here to learn more!GARDEN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT ACTIVITIES!The Garden for the Environment on 1590 7th Ave. and Lawton St. will be hosting a bunch of community activities and workshops including:
Summer Fruit Tree Pruning – Saturday, July 30th, 10 – 12pm

Fruit trees require year-round care, and summer pruning is critical to their health. Summer pruning allows air and light to reach fruits and lower branches, controls growth on vigorous trees, helps direct a tree’s shape, and is an opportunity to remove dead, damaged, and dying wood. Our expert instructors will teach general pruning techniques, discuss the differences between summer and winter pruning, and lead a hands-on demonstration so you can learn which cuts will keep your trees healthy and productive. 
Register here!

Grow Your Own Food in August – Saturday, August 13th, 10 – 12pm

Learn to take full advantage of the unique gardening climate in San Francisco, where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables year-round! Join us throughout the seasons for our Grow Your Own Food workshop.In August, you’ll learn about San Francisco’s late summer / early fall warm period (“second summer”), extending your summer crops, and planning for your winter garden. You’ll also gain knowledge that will help you care for your garden throughout the year. If you have questions, your instructor Carey has answers! 
Register here!
DE YOUNG MUSEUM Ramses the Great & the Gold of the Pharaohs – Aug 20
Discover ancient Egypt’s greatest pharaoh, Ramses the Great, in an unparalleled immersive museum experience making its West Coast debut at the de Young. Enjoy a stunning collection of more than 180 priceless artifacts, including animal mummies, opulent jewelry, and treasures that have never before left Egypt. Tickets are booking up fast—buy yours today.

This Exhibit opens on August 20th and tickets are on sale Click to purchase tickets or learn more about the exhibit!Ramses & Nefertari: Journey to OsirisAdditionally, there is a new special virtual reality exhibit. This exhibit was designed to enhance your experience by transporting you to the expansive Sahara Desert where you will venture into two of Ramses’s most impressive monuments: the Abu Simbel temples and the tomb of Nefertari, Ramses’s royal wife.DISCOVER EVENTS AT THE CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES!The California Academy of Science is offering many fun activities and is currently featuring a unique bug exhibition this month. There is also a new exciting event for science lovers (ages 21+) called NightLife that runs every Thursday! Click the link below to learn more about new programs, exhibits, and events! Learn more here!SAN FRANCISCO BOTANICAL GARDENSCheck out the SF botanical garden website to learn more about events they have to offer! They have a wide variety of programs for youth, families and more. Click here to learn more!LET’S GO GIANTS!
You will find fourteen SF Giants home games in July 2022. Watch them take on the Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Chicago Cubs.

Considered one of the best baseball parks in the US, Oracle Park is a fun place to watch the SF Giants. They have a tasty selection of treats, fun activities for kids of all ages, some of our best local beers on tap, and views of the SF Bay from most seats in the park. Don’t miss out on these popular San Francisco events in July.

Purchase tickets here!  And find their game schedule here! 
 UPCOMING FREE DAYS AT MUSEUMS ACROSS SAN FRANCISCO!Tuesday, August 2: Conservatory of Flowers , de Young Museum , Legion of Honor Wednesday, August 3: GLBT Museum Sunday, August 7: SF Asian Art Museum Tuesday, August 9: Botanical GardenEXPLORE FUTURE EVENTS AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARYWest Portal Library: Will be hosting multiple workshops, activities, presentations, and family Storytimes. Learn More Here!
 Merced library: Will host a workshop on yoga for kids. Click for more informationSENIOR CORNERTwin Peaks resident Ed Green retired from UCSF where he was a Professor of Dentistry. He is a musician and known as a generous and avid player for the patients at the UCSF Hospitals, particularly on the Acute Care for Elders unit. He talks about the challenges of maintaining his musical practice while dealing with hearing loss.Learn more and watch the full interview here!————————————————— is a collection of 80 stories about seniors by Dr. Anna Chodos, a geriatrician at UCSF, and a team of 20+ over reporters. While Anna lives in the Outer Sunset, many of the interviewees are district 7 Lake Merced area residents. In May, many of the stories played on KALW’s crosscurrents. All of the stories are available on the website.OFFICE HOURSThere will be no office hours in August for summer break. Check back in September! If you need immediate assistance please call or email our office.


Board of Supervisors | District 7 | Myrna Melgar1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 260
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 554-6516 | Fax: (415) 554-6516

Note: Staff sometimes work remote so please be patient when leaving a phone message.FacebookTwitterThis email was sent by:  City and County of San Francisco 
1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco, California, 94102 United States  

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Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting – August 1

Join us next Monday, 8/1/22 at 6:30 p.m., for the quarterly Sunnyside Neighborhood Association meeting. We have some great updates on many of the most exciting neighborhood goings-on.

Meeting Agenda:

  • President’s note & minutes approval — Estelle
  • Treasurer report — Brian
  • Supervisor Melgar’s Office – Megan Imperial
  • Conservatory Farewell to Summer concert — Brian/Carol
  • City College update — John R.
  • Greening committee update — Ken
  • Detroit Steps update — Rosaura
  • Hearst Slow Streets update — Sara

Zoom link to join:

Zoom meeting ID: 822 9353 0631
Zoom passcode: 821742