A recent issue of “In The Works,” a magazine from the Dept of Public Works, contained some information about tree care from the City now that Prop E is in effect.

The magazine (which utilizes Flash) is available here. For your convenience, here is the page about tree care from that publication. The links in the image follow.

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You are invited: Come to the quarterly meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association on Monday August 7th. Find out what is happening in Sunnyside — hear from city officials and ask your questions — meet your neighbors in person — become a member of your neighborhood association.

Time and place: Monday August 7th, 2017, 7-8:30 pm, at St Finn Barr Auditorium (415 Edna Street at Hearst Ave).

What’s on the agenda:

  • Discussion of recent designation of Monterey Blvd as a high-injury corridor
  • Latest news about the Balboa Reservoir Project.
  • Captain McFadden from Ingleside Police Station on safety/crime and to answer your questions.
  • Erica Maybaum from Supervisor Norman Yee’s office with update on local issues and to answer your questions.
  • “Greenstorming” session with our members: how can we plan and work to improve Sunnyside’s outdoor spaces? Bring your ideas.
  • Also in the works are updates on Safeway renovation and Sunnyside Park.

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A new Vision Zero map was recently released, showing Monterey Boulevard as a high-injury corridor. For Sunnysiders familiar with the three major injury crashes involving pedestrians and a cyclist last year, this will come as no surprise.


Vision Zero High Injury Network map. See whole map here.


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By joining you can show support for an invaluable community group that makes possible neighborhood organization and gives voice to local concerns in the face of city development.

We welcome your ideas and your involvement — that’s how local change happens. In turn you receive the newsletter, special emails notices, the ability to vote in our elections, and the knowledge you support an important 43-year-old Sunnyside tradition.


Please join Sunnyside Neighborhood Association. 

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Useful info from Glen Park Association https://glenparkassociation.org/2017/07/25/san-jose-avenue-closure/.

San Jose Avenue Closure

by Heather World
Forwarded from the Department of Public Works:

OVERNIGHT WORK – San Jose Avenue Concrete Barrier Installation
SF Public Works and SFMTA are scheduled to begin installing concrete barriers along the expressway portion of San Jose Avenue to better delineate the traffic and bicycle lanes. The work will be performed overnight due to the large volume of traffic and to help ensure the safety of staff installing the concrete barriers. Installation work will commence on Sunday night July 30, 2017.

The typical work days/hours will Sunday night to Friday morning from 8 PM to 5 AM. Installation of the concrete barriers will take about 2 weeks to complete.

Installation of the barriers will occur along the expressway portion of San Jose Avenue in the Northbound direction between St. Mary’s Ave. and Randall St. and in the Southbound direction between Randall St. and the Wilder St. exit.

Thank you for your patience as we complete these improvements. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Public comments in response to the presentation of the three competing Balboa Reservoir development project are now available online, at the Balboa Reservoir Community Portal. A summary has yet to be posted.

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Meeting takes place at City College Multi-Use Building,  at Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 6:00 pm Full info here.

On the agenda (which is reproduced in full at end of this post) is the subject of changes planned for the Ocean Ave/I-280 interchange. PDF summary here. Images below are from this document.

From https://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/agendaitems/2017/SFCTA%20I-280%20Interchange%2072517%20meeting.pdf

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