Balboa Reservoir Community Newsletter Q1 2022

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Balboa Reservoir Community Newsletter Q1 2022The first few months of 2022 have flown by at Balboa! Our team is furthering the design of Phase 1 infrastructure and housing and have a lot of work to do before Infrastructure construction begins in 2023. This year we will be focusing on a lot of not-so-glamorous work such as working on the construction drawings for infrastructure, subdividing the parcel, and finalizing our financing plan. However, we do have a few fun things in store this year.

We are excited about a few upcoming community meetings! This year we will be hosting a community meeting focusing on the design of the townhomes, and expect to hold our first annual construction meeting, closer to the end of year to let people know what they can expect come 2023. We hope to once again have these meetings at Unity Plaza so that we can continue to get face time with the community. Keep an eye out for more information about the community meetings in the next few months. Additionally, at these meeting we will be bringing some potential street names for everyone to vote on. We are very excited to see the community’s reaction and hope you love them as much as we do.
Design Team SpotlightY.A. Studio:BRIDGE is delighted to be working with Y.A. Studio in addition to VMWP Architecture on Building E at Balboa Reservoir. Y.A. studio is a San Francisco based architectural design studio committed to bringing an innovative and modern approach to design, primarily in the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe areas. As a collective of architects and interior designers with wide-ranging experiences and backgrounds, they bring a unique perspective to the design of homes, offices and restaurants. Whether custom homes or large multi-family developments, their studio excels at providing well-crafted details and engaging experiences. Y.A. studio was founded around the ideals of social responsibility within architecture; focusing on developing future skilled professionals, serving the under-served and under-housed within our communities, and elevating the social discourse of our built environment while minimizing its impact on the natural environment.

Masks Policy Updates

Please see below regarding government masks policies and contact information if you would like further information.

MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED on Muni, SF Paratransit vans or taxis, BART, or Caltrain, as of midnight last night.These agencies say that our state Department of Public Health and the SF Department of Public Health have just dropped their mask mandates for transportation, so they are following suit. (Note, the BART Board *may* reinstate a mask mandate at their 4/28 meeting.)

 Muni — masks no longer required 

 SF Taxis — masks no longer required 

 SF Paratransit Vans & Taxis — masks no longer required 

 BART — masks no longer required — But BART Board will consider a mandate at their 4/28 meeting

 Uber/Lyft — masks no longer required 

 Caltrain — masks no longer required

 SFO, Oakland airport, San Jose airport  — masks no longer required

Mayor London Breed (Muni, SF Taxis, SF Paratransit):

SFMTA (Muni / SF Taxis, SF Paratransit)

SF Department of Public Health:



  • Phone: 650-508-6200
  • Twitter: @Caltrain

Federal: White House 

Federal: CDC

Earth Day Slow Streets Spring Sweep

This cleanup is part of 10 other cleanups happening city-wide for Earth Day! Join us for this monumental undertaking! Many thanks to our community partners: KidSafeSF, RefuseRefuseSF, June Shine, SF Parks Alliance, Richmond Family Transportation Network, SF Public Works, Shine On SF and the Great Highway Park. 
Volunteers will meet at Hearst and Detroit to grab our supplies and form our crew. Then, cleaning will occur from 10am to 12pm around the neighborhood. Afterwards, head to Great Highway and Judah for a wild afterparty!
Sign up today and let’s come out for Earth Day, for a cleaner, safer and more cared for city!

New Trees for Sunnyside

On Saturday March 26, 2022, Sunnyside saw the first of a new crop of street trees, thanks to the efforts of the previous board of SNA and the Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF), the City’s tree agency. The event was the culmination of over a year of effort on the part of Ken Hollenbeck, past president of SNA, and Amy O’Hair, past secretary, in cooperation with Ramses Alvarez of the Department of Public Works, who coordinated the planning with BUF. 

Thanks for their efforts, thirty-one new trees will shade our sidewalks and improve our environment for decades to come. The first ten were plant on Saturday, after a kick-off ceremony overseen by Mr. Alvarez, along with D7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar. 

The remaining trees will be planted in coming weeks. If you live near one of the newly planted trees, please help your neighbors keep them watered weekly for the first three years of their growth.  

After opening words from Ramses Alvarez (center), Supervisor Melgar spoke (left), noting the encouraging progress that Sunnyside has made with greening, such as the Detroit Steps Project. Credit: Bill Wilson Photography.

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Changes to your Utility Bill – a Message from SFPUC

Despite winter rains, we are still in a drought. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission declared a Water Shortage Emergency and asks everyone to continue to use water wisely. The Emergency Declaration also authorizes a 5% drought surcharge to appear on customers’ water/sewer bills starting April 1, 2022. The drought surcharge is necessary to cover our costs and maintain responsible reserves. Our operational costs are fixed. Reduced water use decreases our revenues, while the costs to responsibly run the system remain unchanged. In order to continue to operate our systems, the SFPUC must recover those costs during this time. The less water properties use, the less they will feel the impact of the surcharge on their bill and the better able we will be to stretch our water supplies and get through this drought.

The SFPUC offers free resources to help homes and businesses cut water waste. Small changes can make a big difference in your water use. For details on water conservation rebates, and resources visit

Find information on the drought and downloadable toolkits for renters, homeowners and businesses at

For questions about our conservation services, contact the SFPUC at or 415-551-4730.

For questions about the drought surcharge, please contact SFPUC Customer Service at (415) 551-3000, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm except on holidays, or email us at

Thank you for your continued support.