About Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association (SNA) was established in 1974 to empower residents in efforts to better the neighborhood. This long-lived association is a valuable tool that brings residents together to preserve, enhance, and empower the livability of Sunnyside.

SNA provides a place to discuss local and citywide issues, but we also sponsor neighborhood activities, including the Halloween party and garage sale, which directly benefit the area. Meet the officers for 2016-18.

Contact us: info@sunnysideassociation.org.

Benefits of SNA:

  • Builds relationships and communication among neighbors;
  • Establishes a unified voice for issues affecting Sunnyside;
  • Keeps members informed of news that affects the neighborhood through our newsletters and emails;
  • Maintains neighborhood standards and help residents stay informed on city policies and procedures;
  • Hosts quarterly meetings, with SF city hall, police, city college, etc. represented;
  • Increases awareness of decisions that impact the neighborhood.

One low annual membership fee per household — $20 for residents.  Join/Renew online here or by mail. 

Contact Info:

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 27615

San Francisco, CA  94127


email: info@sunnysideassociation.org

voicemail: 415-937-1305

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